A Dreamy Run Down Rodeo Drive

A Gorgeous run down Rodeo Drive from the Beverly Hilton Los Angeles California to Beverly Gardens Park.jpg

Palm Trees, Galore

On my second morning waking up in the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, my publisher and I went for a sunrise run down the famous Rodeo Drive.

The road (and shopping mecca) was kind of deserted at that hour, making it that much more surreal and wonderful. Check out these gorgeous photos!

Ready to run from Beverly Hilton to Rodeo Drive

We planned to run at 6, so I got up at 5 am to fully wake up and drink lots of water (I really love to wake up slow, even before a run).

Chilly run from the Beverly Hilton hotel to Rodeo Drive

After how chilly I was on the previous morning’s run, I realized I needed a second layer… but I didn’t bring any of my workout pullovers. So a girl got creative and decided to try and run with this sweater on. It was awkward, but it worked.

Rodeo Drive Los Angeles California

Approaching Rodeo from Wilshire, I got giddy just at the sight of Tiffany & Co. What a dork.

Early morning run down Rodeo Drive

It was a ghost town at 6 am. (And this photo is actually looking down Santa Monica Boulevard where it crosses Rodeo.)

Run down Rodeo Drive.jpg

I did a lot of frantic Instagram stories while running down Rodeo, which means I didn’t get a lot of actual photos of the shops. I was too excited and didn’t exactly want to stop chugging along. I did get this image of Holly in one of the fun side streets off of Rodeo (it was basically like the Disney Land of high-end shops tucked into each corner). Looks like she could barely stay still for a photo, too, ha!

Beautiful home seen on run down Rodeo Drive

Running (North ish?) down Rodeo, past Santa Monica Boulevard and Beverly Gardens Park, we saw plenty more gorgeous homes. On our way back, we decided to go one block east to Beverly Drive and return that way (so we could see more houses and run through the park, too).

I loved the above house with all of the palm trees towering over it. Swoon! This Florida girl living in Colorado misses her palm trees.

Run on Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles, California

This is a photo Holly snapped of me right after I took the photo of that house! What a grin on my face. And what a silly sweater getup.

Running down Rodeo Drive, stopping to pose by a tree in Beverly Gardens Park, Los Angeles, California

Beverly Gardens Park is small yet adorned with cool sculpture art and this gigantic tree, which was just begging to be posed on. Look at that scale! Does anyone know what kind of tree this is!?

All in all, we ran about 4 miles total. Not bad for kicking off a long work day!

Gianettis of Velvet and Linen blog at the 2017 Design Bloggers Conference in LA.jpg

The rest of the day was jam-packed with conference sessions. Above is are the Giannettis, and Brooke Giannetti is the voice of the design blog Velvet & Linen. You guys better check this blog out. They designed and built the most exquisite property, Patina Farm, in Ojai, California… and it will take your breath away. Like, new life goals:


California will always own a special corner of my heart. Le sigh.

Anyway, the conference has been wonderful and I’m exhausted. I’m on a plane back to Denver as you’re reading this.

Getting Real About Travel Workouts

Being so active is still relatively new to me. The majority of my life, I’ve been one of those people who lets travel become an excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast or stay in bed during my down time. I also, still, struggle with anxiety and self-consciousness about running outside in public, especially in a new or unfamiliar environment… and even more so in such an image-conscious setting as Beverly Hills.

I might’ve just gone to the hotel gym had I not had my running buddy Holly along for the ride, but getting up extra early during a grueling conference schedule was eye-opening:

I got to see so much more of this wonderful city than I would have if I’d slept in for that hour.

I got to reboot my running muscles after almost a week off due to those dumb biopsies.

I got to start my day feeling invigorated and inspired (not just by the exercise, but by these dreamy California landscapes)!

I got to fend off my fears of inadequacy and just get out there. That’s my favorite thing.

And like Holly and I said on our way back, you never regret a run. You’ve just got to lace up your shoes and get out the door!

[***Related: I highly recommend Monica’s latest Confession Post over at RunEatRepeat.]

What’s been your favorite travel workout?

9 thoughts on “A Dreamy Run Down Rodeo Drive

    • The Real Life says:

      Hm, I don’t know about never regretting ordering a salad, a that sometimes happens more often than being satisfied by one! But I could get on board with, “I never regret adding veggies to a meal.” 😉


  1. Angie says:

    I love LA. Seeing your pictures makes me nostalgic for our time there. That sunshine never gets old. Seems like an enjoyable work trip! Your job seems awesome. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dtills says:

    My favorite travel workout has been running in sunny Arizona. We have done some indoor rock climbing here as well, but it gets hot in the gym even in winter here. I am truly dreading returning to Seattle for the rest of my winter, half marathon training! Ugh, winter will not go away this year!
    Keep up the great workouts!

    Liked by 1 person

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