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Outfits of the week! | THE REAL LIFE blog | food, fashion, fitness, and fun in Colorado

Comfy & Casual

My outfits have felt pretty lackluster lately, as I haven’t really gotten anything new or spiced up my style for a while (I’m a poet).

But I felt extra proud of my outfits in this roundup, despite some scary medical stuff in the second half of my week.


MONDAY, February 27, 2017

Monday felt unusually casual (didn’t want to stop the positive momentum of the weekend!), so I went with:

  • black skinny jeans, Gap
  • gray tank, Gap
  • coral striped cardigan, Target
  • black booties, DSW

Side note: I feel like my face in this picture reminds me of my mama in the photo below (when she was in college). 😉 What do you think?



TUESDAY, February 28, 2017

The weather turned overcast and snowy, and apparently I was feeling fancy on Tuesday. But don’t be fooled, this whole outfit is 100% thrifty:

  • black dress, Target
  • black tights, Target
  • black booties (poor old buggers!), DSW
  • statement necklace, Walmart



WEDNESDAY, March 1, 2017

The sun came out to celebrate the beginning of March, and the cold temps paired with the sunshine made me want to sport my corduroys (plus, girl needs some pant replacements these days; almost all of my black and denim skinny jeans have been worn to the brink of extinction). This was the only ensemble that worked with my teal cords (and that didn’t require those scuffed-up black booties):

  • teal corduroy pants, kept from My 2nd Stitch Fix Experience
  • white flowy blouse, Francesca’s
  • gold cardigan, Forever 21
  • necklace, a boutique shop in San Diegothat I don’t remember, sorry!



THURSDAY, March 2, 2017

Thursday morning was a doozy. [In the spirit of being (FAR too) real: I had to go back after my annual with my OB/GYN and have not only a colposcopy but three biopsies of my cervix. TMI? Yeah, probably. But whatever. I am so squeamish and terrified of all things medical, but you can’t see it in this photo! (I’m fine for now, by the way. I won’t know the results for a couple of weeks. And if you ever have to get a colpo, please know that it isn’t really that bad at all!)]

ANYWAY. This post is about fashion… or at least wannabe fashion. 😉 So here’s this outfit breakdown:

  • flannel shirt, Target
  • distressed jeans, Stitch Fix
  • brown riding boots, DSW

Funny side note: My doctor tried to ask me about my shirt while I was undergoing said procedure. I was like, “I can’t brain right now, lady. The shirt’s from Target.”


Friday outfit, outfits of the week, denim button up shirt Target, black skinny jeans Gap, pink top Forever 21, and scarp from Montmartre Paris

FRIDAY, March 3, 2017

This morning I was still feeling a tad frazzled. I opted for a ponytail, some pearls, and what I call a random-ass outfit:

  • black skinny jeans, Gap
  • pink tank, Forever 21
  • denim shirt, Target
  • sandals (because I might get a pedicure after work), Target
  • scarf, from a vendor in Montmartre in Paris, when I visited back in 2008!

Up close:


Montmartre, Paris | THE REAL LIFE 921

Look at the little baby! I was 21 in this photo. Oh, how time flies.

I’ve got the travel bug lately… but thankfully I’m heading to the Beverly Hilton in LA this weekend for the Design Bloggers Conference! Fun! You can bet your behind I’ll be blogging about it however I can (it’s going to be a busy schedule).

Which outfit or piece was your favorite?


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