Daily Diet: What I Eat in a Day

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Looking to Maintain

After some weird weeks and a significant decrease in my running mileage, I was worried I might gain weight this month (maintaining a 30-pound weight loss is still relatively new territory for me). I also have been careful not to restrict myself too much, as I’ve been reading about Reverse Dieting and making sure my metabolism is running strong.

Anyway, this Daily Diet reflects a typical workday of eating real foods and enjoying every bite. Also: I have maintained this month and hope to get back to running lots of miles consistently soon.



6:45 am

Nick and I always start our day with some type of egg deliciousness. It’s usually an egg scramble with garlic, mushrooms, and spinach, but we’ve created some variations on this, too (bell peppers, green chiles, even asparagus). Then it’s either rolled up in a tortilla or accompanied by toasted homemade bread (with butter) and topped with cholula. This morning was no exception. Also: Coffee, duh. (I also have a second cup o’ joe at 9am when I sit down at my desk to work).


What I eat in a day: Eating to maintain weight loss | THE REAL LIFE BLOG | fitness, food, fun in Denver


10:15 am

Most days I don’t get antsy for a snack until around 9:45-10:15 ish. This particular Tuesday was completely slammed, so I was on the later end of the snacking spectrum. Enter protein to keep me full and satisfied. I like Siggi’s yogurt because it’s got tons of protein in relation to its sugar content. The vanilla and coconut flavors are my fave.




12:45 pm

Nick made this delicious asian noodle dish with tofu and Brussels sprouts (inspired by one of Ottolenghi’s Plenty recipes) in bulk so we can eat it throughout the week. SO good. He is a wizard in the kitchen! Also: The tofu is the best he’s ever made and the best I’ve ever tasted! It’s made by dusting the tofu is corn starch and then frying in olive oil. Yum!


Eating to maintain weight loss, organic blackberries.jpg


3:30 pm

I usually have to make myself eat my second snack at the end of the work day, but it’s good because I will need something to fuel my after-work workout or rehearsal or whatever it is that’s going on after work that day. Sometimes I’ll have nothing scheduled, but eating a snack keeps me from eating all the things or getting fast food  (I am prone to naughty food decisions after a stressful work day or when I’m running on lack of sleep, particularly both).

Today I snacked on organic blackberries. Yum!




I thought I might run when I got home, but I was listening to my body (and mind) and felt like I needed a rest. Also: all the breakfast foods. I had some of my favorite cereal with almond milk for another snack attack.




…and for dinner? Two fried eggs with a massacred bagel. The bagel was frozen and I couldn’t peel the two halves apart, so naturally I ripped it to pieces (just being real with ya). Looks super appetizing, but what can ya do. I was craving something that felt comfort-y and warm, and this definitely did the trick. Fancy dinner can wait for another night!

What did you eat today that you loved?


22 thoughts on “Daily Diet: What I Eat in a Day

  1. dtills says:

    HI, congratulations on your weight loss, and more importantly, on maintaining it! It looks like we consume a lot of the same foods! Great minds think alike (and apparently eat alike!). Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out! Happy running!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reg says:

    Love this post….it’s always interesting to me to see what other active people eat. I’m really bad at eating breakfast. I like to get up and start tackling work or errands right away. So today I’ve only had a matcha latte and two glasses of water and it’s 11:41am.

    Liked by 1 person

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