Happy Valentine’s Day!


And Eve!

Good morning, friends. I’m finally back to work today after taking Friday and Monday off to spend with my parents who were visiting for opening weekend of Love/Perfect!

Since I have a show tonight on Valentine’s Day,  I surprised the man last night with a tasty chocolate dessert I’ve been wanting to introduce to him for a while…


On my way back from dropping my parents off at the airport, I picked up a Chocolate Sogno dessert from Carrabba’s: my favorite sweet treat of all time. Nick’s been hearing about it forever. (He’s never been to Carrabba’s!?)


While he was on his way over to my place for dinner, I set up the table with candles and things.


(I also “repurposed” the flowers he got me for opening weekend. Gotta be resourceful.)

He was surprised, and had brought over a gift for me, too! We ate leftovers from Carmine’s, drank wine, opened gifts, and then inhaled the Sogno (he’s a fan). Good stuff!


He’s cute and I like him.


Here’s the delicious Valentine’s Day breakfast he made this morning: a piece of toasted homemade bread, topped with sautéed veggies, avocado, and a fried egg. So delicious!


What’re your plans for Valentine’s Day?



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