Weekend Update


The Fog Has Lifted

Happy Monday, friends! I am finally feeling back to my normal self. I don’t quite know what was going on the past few weeks, but I’m glad it’s worked its way through my body and mind.

Friday night, Nick and I ordered Cosmo’s pizza, like ya do, and then watched “Beginners” on Netflix (starring Ewan McGregor), which made me cry like a baby. Then on Saturday morning, Nick went to run North Table with the guys, and I ran the 4.5-mile loop at Wash Park. It was a great run in beautiful weather!

Afterward, I showered and started prepping veggies for my breakfast, when…



I decided to add some extra protein to the fix, a la MY FINGER. So, so painful. Oh lord.

Remember how my back had been bothering me this past week, too? Well after the deep, from-the-very-pit-of-my-soul cry that ensued post-finger-chop, my upper-back soreness disappeared. My theory is that I’ve been physically manifesting stress and anxiety in my body lately, and a good therapeutic cry (or a few) did the trick. Hm!


We’re in tech week for Love/Perfect. Here’s a photo of me and my castmate Brandon. He’s hilarious.


You guys, I have puppy fever. I can’t stop looking at cute fluffy puppy pictures. Help!


Here’s another dorky photo from rehearsal (that’s Amy and Cooper).


And here’s a photo of me heading to rehearsal on Sunday, sporting an open sun roof because the weather has been awesome lately.

Since I have rehearsal every night this week, I decided to at least run during my lunch hour today. I logged 3 miles at a 10-minute pace up hills and against wind. I might be a little less pretty and nice-smelling in my work clothes now, but who cares? I feel great.

How was your weekend?

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