Weekend Snapshots

Run Rest Eat Repeat.jpg


Last week was a doozy. It took a weird toll on me, a toll I’m not entirely sure I know the full details of. On Saturday I woke up feeling either like I was getting sick or depressed or both, and all I wanted to do was take naps and eat food. So besides a long run on Sunday morning, that’s really about all I did this past weekend.

Blurry at The Spot Bar and Grill Wash Park.JPG


Friday night, the man and I walked over to our favorite neighborhood beer-and-greasy-grub spot, The Spot Bar & Grill (we are creatures of really, really good habit). We had a few drinks, ate a ton of fries dipped in ranch, and split a Classic burger.


We also played some trivia games while enjoying our end-of-the-week grub. One of these questions is not like the other in terms of reminding us about depressing current events.


To borrow the harrowing words of Liz Lemon: Blerg.



Saturday was when I woke up with a headache and that can’t-get-enough-sleep feeling. I stayed in bed while Nick picked up my slack and did groceries and meal planning for our week ahead. This man earns all the points in the universe. He even got me flowers and arranged them on my bedside table. Swoon! (I’m currently reading Brave New World. Good stuff!)


A better view of his arrangement.


Basically my view all day Saturday.



Saturday evening I started to feel better, thank goodness! We made a delicious whole-wheat-crust Cosmo’s pizza knockoff (again, nom) and dipped it in the last of the giant jar of spicy ranch we bought just, like, a week or two ago. Whoops!


Good food with great ingredients can be healing to mind, body, and soul. Also: wine and really great company.



After pizza we made brownies (because I had a hankering for them), and by morning over half of the pan was demolished. I decided brownies would make the perfect pre-run breakfast, and that they did! We ran 7 miles in the gorgeous weather with a steady 10-minute-mile pace.

Sunday night I sauntered off to Love/Perfect rehearsal, feeling a bit tired, like I was still fighting some sickness off. Thankfully, come Monday I was back to my normal healthy-food-eating self and feeling much less sick-y.



Well if this one picture doesn’t sum up my whole relationship with food: balance. (I guess the Garmin watch + brownie pan photo would also suffice!)

And that’s that.

How’re you all doing, friends?

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