Some of My Go-To Fitness & Foodie Blogs

My favorite food, fitness, and wellness blogs

Food, fitness, and a deliberate lifestyle: That’s my aim not only on The Real Life but… in real life. I want to get fitter, savor more delicious, real food, and put tremendous thought into my passions and overall state of mind.

When I’m looking for inspiration in one or all of these categories, I visit some of my favorite bloggers’ sites and glean wisdom from their expertise. Check them out!

Julie Fagan of Peanut Butter Fingers

Peanut Butter Fingers

Julie Fagan of Peanut Butter Fingers is a personal trainer living in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband Ryan and little boy Chase. She’s originally from Florida, too, which is a fun coincidence. Julie writes about all things fitness, food, and lifestyle, but her biggest strength, so to speak, is in the fitness arena. Another plus is that she usually shows you what she eats every day. I get a ton of easy healthy-ish food ideas from her.


Gina of The Fitnessista blog

The Fitnessista

Gina, otherwise known as The Fitnessista, started her blog when she was in maintenance mode after losing 40 pounds (sound familiar?). She is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and weight loss specialist. She has moved around a lot (with her husband and now two children) and adapted to many stages of life (they’re currently stationed in San Diego… jealous!). She is definitely a hustler, and I respect that.


Monica of Run Eat Repeat blog

Run Eat Repeat

Monica of Run Eat Repeat is hilarious and totally stole the perfect blog name of all time. Yeah, she loves to run… but she loves eating the most, and girl, I feel you. I love her sense of humor, her Instagram account, and her overall approachable-ness.


Angela from Oh She Glows vegan blog

Oh She Glows

Angela, pioneer of the vegan  blog-o-sphere and creator of Oh She Glows, was a great resource back in 2012 when I experimented with eating vegan for six months. Now that I’m more of an eat-all-the-things-er, I still love finding vegetarian and vegan recipes that taste delicious and incorporate nutritious, whole foods. She knows what she’s doing and is a true talent in the kitchen.


Authors of Thug Kitchen

Thug Kitchen

The authors of Thug Kitchen meant to be anonymous, but their true identities aren’t that important anyway (a quick Google search will solve the mystery). It’s their unorthodox food blog that sets them apart from the rest, resulting in multiple cookbooks and worldwide fame among the vegetarian community. Nick and I love their Tofu Pad Thai. To explain what makes them special, here’s an excerpt from their Late-Summer Tomato Nectarine Pasta. Hilarious:

“You bet your ass those are nectarines in there. Yeah that’s crazy. CRAZY FUCKING DELICIOUS.”


Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 2.22.36 PM.png

Smitten Kitchen

Deb Perelman is the writer, cook, and photographer behind Smitten Kitchen, a food blog that avoids excessively fussy and/or pretentious ingredients (think: simple, easy, delicious) and is based on the concept that food is meant to be accessible. She has a ton of fantastic recipes; for example, her Shaved Asparagus Pizza recipe that we tweaked a while back. Nick has her cookbook and it’s chock-full of great ideas.



Tiny Buddha

When it comes to food and fitness for the soul, I love visiting Tiny Buddha (founded by Lori Deschene) and reading article after article about finding peace, happiness, and purpose. It’s kind of blown-up in the same manner as Thug Kitchen, where it seems to be more of a brand and website than it is a blog, but don’t be fooled: There are gems of content at every turn. To get you started, try “Beautiful Things Can Happen When We Step Outside Our Comfort Zone.”


What are some of your favorite blogs?

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