Random Photo Update



I’ve fallen off the blogging train lately. Whoops! Here are some photos from the past week or two, for your viewing (and reviewing) pleasure.

Spoiler alert: It’s mostly food and running pics.



We had WAY too much fun! First we dressed up all fancy, Nick in his suit and tie, me in my shiny gold dress. Then we happily used a gift card at Hapa Sushi in LoDo. It was delicious! We made the rookie mistake of drinking wine and sake with dinner before going out after. We drank all the drinks at The Crimson Room’s Midnight in Paris party. Oops!

The result is the above lone picture from our crazy drunken fiasco. We were hurting the next morning and stayed in bed (only getting up to receive Cosmo’s pizza delivery) the whole day. Yikes! Still, not a bad way to ring in the new year. šŸ™‚



After over 24 hours of recovery, we decided to get straight back on the health bandwagon and do some serious grocery shopping and meal preparation.

Above you’ll see fruit salad, two loaves of bread (duh), bananas, salmon, asparagus, whole wheat pasta with veggies in a tomato sauce, and a chopped kale salad. We made everything in large quantities and divided it up for the week.


This winter fruit salad is bomb! Honeydew, apples, kiwi, and blackberries.


Nick made the chopped kaleĀ salad with radicchio,Ā farro (a grain new to me!), and carrots tossed in an olive oil/vinegar/lemon dressing. The citrus cuts the kale and slowly withers it, which means you can dress the salad and then eat it for days (or weeks…) without it getting soggy. We either wrap the salad in a tortilla or eat it with bread and/or a fried egg, for good measure.


Here’s a photo of a delicious creamy/cheesy pasta I made one night last week. This is my favorite. Nom.


This past Sunday we crushed 10 miles in the neighborhood, despite a serious dumping of snow a few days prior. It had already warmed up to the mid-50s and the sun was shining, like always. I hadn’t done a long run in a week or two, so this felt truly invigorating.



Those 10 miles might’ve felt so good because of the professional carb-loading we did the night before at Carmine’s (which is right next to our other fave, The Spot).Ā This family-style Italian restaurantĀ is NO JOKE. The food is exquisite. The only photo I got was of our dessert, Tiramisu. When my parents come into town this February, we’re definitely exposing them to this place. My tummy is rumbling as we speak!

Annnnnnd that’s about it! I’ve been auditioning for a lot of shows, but nothing is panning out. I’m also performing I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change again in Parker this February, which will satisfy my performing bug. And if no other shows come to fruition, perhaps I’ll toy with the idea of training for a race soon…Ā We’ll see!

Thanks for stopping by!

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