A Hair Update!



Last weekend Nick and I ran 15 miles (another long run record!), but I was so delirious that I didn’t stop to snap any photos… nor did I care. All I cared about was food consumption, in massive quantities :).

Anyway, it’s my birthday week, so why not get a refreshed look before I turn the big 3-0 tomorrow?

It’s been such a busy week, too.

Monday night I had two of my friends/coworkers over for Italian night, which consisted of giving them a tour of my apartment and feasting on cheese, salad, pasta, wine, and cookies.

Tuesday I had a caroling gig with a quartet at my friend’s school. A fun extra bucks in the bank! Plus, singing and goofing off with fellow musicians is one of my favorite pastimes.

Wednesday I snuck  quick 4-mile run in before heading off to a hair appointment, inspired by Groupon. Kendel at Ted’s Hair Studio helped bring my long and kinda-lackluster locks back to life! We chopped about 3 inches off, gave my base color a pop, and then she gave me balayage highlights near the ends. It’s so healthy and bouncy!

As far as birthday plans, the man told me to pack an overnight bag and be prepared for a delicious dinner! Feeling super lucky to be beginning my 30s like this. ❤


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