A 10-Mile Long Run…



(I’m trying to get caught up with all the excitement this week, so expect lots of blog posts!)

This past Saturday night I flew back to Denver, where Nick and I promptly indulged in Cosmo’s pizza (he loves me!) before passing out at 9pm. Lame, you might say… except for the fuel and energy it lent to our long run Sunday morning!


We started the morning off with a “light” breakfast: one fried egg, one piece of the banana walnut loaf I got at the Ponte Vedra farmers’ market, and one leftover potato roll from Publix (these rolls own my soul).


Then it was off to run 10 miles at the Highline Canal, although my legs were beat. up. I ran a total of 15 miles while in Ponte Vedra (Tuesday: 2 miles, Wednesday: 6 miles, Friday: 7 miles), and my body was feeling the extra mileage. Nonetheless, we logged 10 and felt accomplished (and hungry!).


One thing Nick has taught me is that it is more than acceptable—nay, encouraged!—to talk about all the foods you want to eat while running. This time, I talked about bagels on top of bagels on top of bagels. Thus, we visited Moe’s Bagels directly after our run.

Above, you see the Golden Garden bagel sandwich, full of veggies with a little cream cheese on the side. I chose a jalapeño bagel for this lovely number.


We also split the Manhattan on an everything bagel: lox, tomato, egg, red onion, and cream cheese. It’s by far the best.


And to balance the savory with something sweet, we topped it off with a cinnamon sugar bagel toasted with butter. Divine! (We went to a baby shower/party after this and continued to eat our weight in food. Whoopsies!)


And here we are, Tuesday, November 8th, eagerly awaiting the results of the 2016 Presidential Election! Eek!

On the agenda to relieve the election jitters: running tonight. And then wine. 😉

5 thoughts on “A 10-Mile Long Run…

  1. Angela says:

    awesome job on the 10 miles and those bagels look AMAZING!! My aunt uncle and their kids moved to Ponte Vedra last year, I really want to visit!! I’m off to attempt an 8 mile run…in the snow!

    Liked by 1 person

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