When (The Real) Life Hands You Lemons…



I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, full of spookiness and treats! Mine was delicious.



This Saturday morning, the man and I slept in a tad before partaking in another cowboy brunch. We’re seriously addicted.


After digesting, we headed out to Lookout Mountain for a nice, easy hike in the gorgeous weather we’ve been enjoying lately.


After our hike, we visited Whole Foods for their cold sandwich wraps and a chocolate glazed doughnut. Yum!


Dinner consisted of another hand-made pizza, topped with randomness found in the fridge! Garlic, olive oil, mushrooms, onions, spinach, a tomato from Mateo the Tomato plant, mozzarella cheese left over from our visit to The Goat Cheese Lady Farm, parmesan cheese, and chopped basil. It was divine, and we needed every bite to fuel the next morning’s long run.



We got up early Sunday morning to run 9 miles at Waterton Canyon! The first 4.5 miles out were steadily uphill and against the wind, but that meant turning around and running those same miles back were a piece of cake.


We ran into some bighorn sheep along the trail! Look at this king of the hill.


Of course, after our successful long run, we cooked up yet another cowboy brunch. Crispy hash browns, savory sautéed veggies, runny eggs, and green onions? Yes, please. Always.


All that activity meant that there wasn’t much Halloween partying this weekend, but I don’t feel like I missed out on much! After all, a hungover long run isn’t exactly my idea of fun. And look, I still rocked a punny costume for the work Halloween festivities today. (Last year, I was Liz Lemon. I’m sensing a theme here.)



What were you for Halloween?!

This post is a part of the Weekend Snapshots link-up with HerHeartlandSoul.:)

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