An 8-Mile Run + Deliciousness



This Sunday, the man and I got up early to run an 8-mile long run along the Highline Canal in Englewood, through the beautiful Cherry Hills Village community.

After the strong run in chilly weather, we drove home and partook in a glorious brunch, created of course by Nick, the culinary genius. Check it out!


Getting up early and heading out in a tank and running shorts in 40-degree weather was not the easiest task, but I’m glad we pushed through. The 8-mile run in the brisk-yet-sunny weather was one of my strongest treks recently!

Perhaps it was the colder weather, or the big pasta dinner the night before, or the intervals we did this week in Wash Park, but all my miles hovered around a 9:40 pace. Pretty solid for getting back into the swing of things!


Here we are post-run, high on exercise, gorgeous fall surroundings, and the promise of a delicious brunch to be devoured shortly.


My legs were a tad sore from pushing faster miles, so I soaked in some epsom salts while the man put together another bangin’ “Cowboy Breakfast.” This time, he killed it even more: fried potato hash, a layer of green chili, then sautéed mushrooms and garlic, a layer of spinach, poached eggs, and grated cheddar cheese. HUBBA HUBBA.

I am fairly certain that I could continue doing long runs every Sunday for the rest of my life, if there was always a Cowboy Breakfast at the finish line. (And this is quite an attainable goal, so let’s keep at it!)

How do you celebrate long runs?




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