How I Get Stitch Fix Items for FREE!

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Rack Up Referral Credit

When it comes to Stitch Fix, I learned early on that it might not be totally worth it to use the service unless you downright hate shopping or have no time to invest in your wardrobe. The clothing can be pricey and not any better quality than your average store.

BUT it’s definitely worth it if your items are FREE. Let me show you how I do it.

Stitch Fix has a BOMB referral system. You get a $25 credit for every person who creates a new account and orders their first fix. Since you’re risking $20 every time you order a fix—if you don’t keep any of the five items they send you, then you’re out the $20 styling fee—that means that one referral lets you order a new fix, and try five new items, with ZERO risk. Two referrals ($50) means that you’ll still have $30 if you keep nothing. It also means that if you want to keep something, it’ll be $50 off. If that something costs $50, then you get that item for FREE.


How to Get Stitch Fix items FOR FREE! Rack up your referrals with these EASY tips!

For my 6th Stitch Fix, I used $70 of my $100 credit to get these adorable jeans for FREE:



I just ordered my 7th Stitch Fix with $130 in referral credit. That’s either one seriously expensive pair of boots or two tops, for FREE. Or, if I decide to keep all five items and get the five-item discount, it’ll be a crazy bargain + $130 off.

Yeah, you get the picture by now. So how do you rack up so much referral credit? It’s actually surprisingly easy… not much effort involved. Here are my tips and tricks.


How to rack up Stitch Fix referral credits and keep Stitch Fix items FOR FREE!

BEFORE YOU START with these tips, you must already have created a Stitch Fix account. Once you do that, click on the “Referrals” tab and easily copy your referral link. This is an original URL on the Stitch Fixwebsite, created just for you. When other people use this link to access Stitch Fix and create their own account, their first scheduled fix will be associated with you, and you’ll receive $25 when their fix is shipped!

How to rack up Stitch Fix referral credits and keep Stitch Fix items FOR FREE!


By creating original pins on Pinterest, you can direct all Pinterest users to your Stitch Fix referral link. I say “by creating original pins” because you can’t change the source link on other people’s pins. What I do is take pictures of myself in my Stitch Fix items and then upload them to my Pinterest page. I’ve also uploaded images of clothing that inspires me or of myself in other outfits that didn’t originate from Stitch Fix. If it inspires someone to try the styling service, it’s fair game, in my opinion.


Once you upload the photo, edit the pin and make sure your referral link is copy/pasted into the “Website” box. This means that anytime someone clicks on that pin, they’ll be directed to my Stitch Fix referral link. For every 10 people who click on it, perhaps 1 will create an account and order their first fix. Ding! $25.

How to rack up Stitch Fix referral credits and keep Stitch Fix items FOR FREE!


Whenever I get a new Stitch Fix shipment, I create an album on Facebook and ask for people’s opinions on what to keep. Be careful with this, guys. Like I’ve said before, you don’t want to inundate people’s feeds with narcissistic selfies and shameless requests for referral credit. I do it as an outlet for feedback/engagement and to show my friends what to expect with the service. I include my referral link in the album description, as well as the caption for every photo, in case people who’ve been sitting on the fence finally decide to take the plunge.


When I posted the above photo to one of my Stitch Fix Facebook albums, one of my friends said: “Love it. And the cords. That’s it. I’m signing up.” She did. I saw her name on my referral list the same day.



My most popular blog posts, by far, are in the Stitch Fix category. This approach does require a tad more effort, but honestly, not much. Create a free WordPress blog (like The Real Life!) and only write about your Fixes (photos are a must). Then pin the S*@$ out of that post. When you pin images from a blog post, those pins link back to your post as the source. In my opinion, this is good, because you’ll include your referral link within the post and you’re also providing valuable insight to your readers. You should also upload the same photos to Pinterest a second time, and this time you should edit the Website source to go straight to your referral link. Now you’ve covered all bases!

The blog also becomes something else that can use more promotion, so make sure to share your Stitch Fix posts on all social media outlets, with the @StitchFix handle and #StitchFix hashtag. They have tons of engaging marketing campaigns; participating could create more followers to your blog and more prospective Stitch Fixers!


By using a cheap iPhone app to add text to an image (I use Word Swag), you can clearly convey that this pin is connected to a helpful blog post. People will be more likely to click through.

And that’s it, folks! Have I inspired you to try Stitch Fix yet? (See what I did there?)







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