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Sneak Peek of the Week! THE REAL LIFE blog | Fitness, food, cooking, health, exercise, running, reading, Denver, Colorado


Hi, guys! I’m stopping by to tease you with little snippets of my new place as it comes together, as well as snapshots from my absence: food, books, a new Stitch Fix, and more.


The place is coming together, piece by piece! Here’s the rug I ordered with a huge discount on I’d been eyeing it for a while, and once I saw there was a giant sale, I pounced! I couldn’t be more happy with it.(The couch is from IKEA but purchased off Craigslist for less than half the price. Score!)

Since taking the above photo, I’ve reconfigured the couch and rug to a new spot in the living room. All the more reason to stay tuned! 🙂

Ikea dining table and chairs | THE REAL LIFE BLOG | fitness, food, decor, lifestyle blogging, running, cooking, health, fashion, Denver, Colorado l

The man and I made a big trip to IKEA for a dining table and chairs, entry bench, kitchen island, and more. I was prepared to spend more on my dining set, but found that this $65 white table was perfect with these plastic chairs ($79/each). So much fun! I will be adding a rug to this mix, too.


We also snagged this bench for the makeshift entryway! Technically it’s a dining bench, but I love it for my sit-down-and-put-your-shoes-on space. It also almost blends in with the hardwood floors. I’m planning on hanging coat hooks above it, too.


I’m still in the slow-and-steady process of 1.) picking the absolute best things for the small space and 2.) getting creative when those “best things” are beyond my budget. For example, I found the exact same IKEA coffee table I’ve been wanting on Craigslist for, once again, half the price. Boom!


In other news, the man has been perfecting his baking skills lately, which makes for two very happy (and well-fed) campers. Look at that loaf!


Fresh bread makes life that much sweeter.

The bread has also come in handy in terms of fueling successful runs! The man just finished his third 50-mile race of the year, the Rub Rabbit Run 50 in Steamboat Springs! I’ll be writing a post all about that trip soon (and HERE it is!).


I’m about to dive head-first into audition season… I’ve got about 5-6 scheduled in the next two weeks, so wish me a broken leg! In the interim, though, I’ve been savoring the downtime by inhaling some serious Bill Bryson. I already read The Mother Tongue and now I’m halfway through Made in America. As a lover of all things linguistic, my soul is happy.

Thanks to my previous Stitch Fix accounts and some light Pinterest marketing, I’ve gotten A TON of Stitch Fix referral credit. It’s time to order a new Fix… and I’m thinking all about Fall! Layered looks, vests, leggings, combat boots… Once again: stay tuned!

In the meantime…

How have YOU ALL been?

This post is a part of the Weekend Snapshots link-up with HerHeartlandSoul.:)


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