Sunday in the Park with Food!




You guys. This past Sunday was heaven on Earth. I need to walk you through what made it so darn magical. But first, the short-story version: We just kept taking the next logical step in terms of what we felt inspired to do.

The end result? This marvelous day. Prepare thyselves to dream about the weekend.


The day started with egg scramble + veggies from our garden and hearty slices of fresh baked bread with tons of butter. This is my favorite meal always. The man has been on a rampage baking bread at every opportunity. You won’t hear me complaining.

Bread dough

He even got a new ball of dough rising while we went about our day. Goodness!

Garmin stats

I’m getting back into doing long runs on the weekend, so a few hours later we ventured on a 6-mile run around Wash Park, in the heat and humidity. On our walk back, we were making all of our food cravings known. So, of course, we hopped right into the car and went to Whole Foods to put together a picnic!


On our cravings list? Organic peaches, pasta salad, cheese, and cold-pressed juice. The rest of the items were grabbed from the pantry to supplement our feast. We ate almost everything, with the utmost pleasure.

Pelican in the park

Afterwards, we lay in the park and daydreamed about future fun endeavors. We also watched the resident pelican feast on a handful of unfortunate fish!

Fresh baked bread

Next, we sauntered back home to do some laundry and bake the bread! Look at the beauty that abounds.


In the early evening, I headed out to Parker for my a cappella group rehearsal, so we planned on making a late dinner of homemade pizza. (In case you haven’t noticed, we really, really love pizza.)

pizza by candlelight

The man had some extra starter to use for the pizza dough, and boy was it delicious. We topped it with anything and everything:

  • a base of garlic and olive oil
  • a homemade sauce of crushed tomatoes/red pepper flakes/red wine vinegar
  • sliced mushrooms
  • chopped-up figs
  • arugula, spinach & basil from our garden
  • topped with grated parmesan cheese

slices front

We ate the whole pizza by candlelight, along with wine, of course. Mangia!

I think we ended the night watching episodes of The Office in bed, so, yeah. The absolutely definition of a perfect day. The only way it could’ve gone better is to add some cute puppies and kitties to the mix. And brownies. And free things. Room for improvement is always good!


P.S. Guess what tomorrow is! Moving Day! And then we go to Florida for the holiday weekend! So much to look forward to. 🙂

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