Race Recap: The Color Run Denver

A race recap of The Color Run Denver


I’ve only ever run half marathons, 15ks, and 10ks (you can see my race log here). I’ve never run a 5k, particularly because they’re over in a flash after having dished out the registration fee, gotten up early, parked and braved the crowds, etc., so when I got the opportunity to try out The Color Run Denver, I jumped at the chance!

Here’s a recap.

A race recap of The Color Run Denver


Michelle picked me up around 6:30 am so we’d have enough time to park at the Coors Field parking lot, check in, and get our bibs before the 8 am start. For any of the previous races I’ve run, this would’ve been smart. For The Color Run, it was far too early. We got there with plenty of time to spare.

A race recap of The Color Run Denver

After getting our numbers and our little bag of goodies, we brought them back to the car and then changed into our Color Run T-shirts before perusing the crowd.

A race recap of The Color Run Denver

At 7 am, they had a Zumba warm-up session:

A race recap of The Color Run Denver

We didn’t partake, but it looks like those ladies had a lot of fun. They also got the tutu memo that we must’ve overlooked!

A race recap of The Color Run Denver

In our bag of goodies came a couple of fun temporary tattoos, so of course we put them on.

A race recap of The Color Run Denver

Here I am flexing my happy muscles! We had an hour to spare, so we obviously took a lot of pictures.

A race recap of The Color Run Denver

As the time approached 8 am, people started heading towards the start line.

Little did we know, it would be another 15 minutes until we could run. They let people off in waves every 5-10 minutes or so. I’m guessing they do this so that the crowd doesn’t bottle-neck when they stop at the color stations along the run. To give you an idea of how this worked… Michelle and I were crossing the finish line as others were just crossing the start line. Oof!

A race recap of The Color Run Denver

Here we are, waiting patiently to get our run on.

A race recap of The Color Run Denver

To their credit, they played a lot of fun music and had guys on mics working to entertain and rev up the crowd. They even had bubbles!

A race recap of The Color Run Denver

While waiting to run, we found The True Winner of The Color Run, the guy above in the world’s most amazing T-Shirt.


Around 8:15 am, we were finally off! Almost everyone was walking, so we weaved in and out of people, running the whole time. Runners were, counter-intuitively, supposed to stay on the right of the route, but walkers didn’t make that so easy!

Upon approaching each color station (first was yellow, then pink, blue, green, etc.), participants lined up to get the chalk-y dust sprayed onto them by race attendants.

Michelle and I usually just ran through this, but even when we did stop to get an adequate amount of color on us, we were quite disappointed to notice what little color really stayed onto our clothes.

A race recap of The Color Run Denver

Here we are at the finish. We ran the not-even-a-5k (2.97 miles, at least according to my RunKeeper app) in 29:14, averaging about a 9:50 mile. The route was kind of lackluster, the energy was much lower than other races we’ve done, and the “color” was quite anticlimactic. All in all, though, we were happy to have experience something new and have gotten a nice little workout in to kick off the weekend!


Unrelated but also a great experience that day: After I came home and showered, I headed to Colorado Springs for the extras casting of the feature film to be shot in Colorado, “Our Souls at Night,” starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. I don’t know if they’ll cast me, but how fun would that be!?

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5 thoughts on “Race Recap: The Color Run Denver

  1. omobtomtom says:

    never done a color run but would like to one day. i too have never run a 5k race- only half marathons. i am like, i run a 5k (or more)pretty much every other weekend, why pay for it? haha. but i heard color runs are fun. kind of disappointing you didn’t get more color on you though …

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Laura says:

    Purrito Guy ❤
    I've done 2 of these runs now, both organised by different charities. The first was a lot smaller so everyone set off together and there was no bottleneck (but so many walkers!) but the second was massive and set off in waves. It's disheartening to see other people finishing when you're barely started.
    The colour at the first one I did was like the stuff at yours, so I didn't feel I'd got quite enough, but the second one was way too much.

    It looks like you had fun, though!

    Liked by 1 person

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