Daily Diet: What I Eat in a Day

Avocado cucmber toast with dill, Smitten Kitchen


I thought I’d document what I eat in a day every once in a while! These will be fun snapshots of daily diets, especially since the way my days look can vary greatly. Who doesn’t like being a fly on the wall to what people eat in a day? It’s like curiously peering into the refrigerator when you’re babysitting.

Anyway, here’s how I started the week yesterday (Monday).


Breakfast consisted of the above avocado toast, with diced cucumber, sesame seeds, dill, and black pepper. The man found his inspiration from Smitten Kitchen, his newest obsession.

He also made fresh-baked bread Sunday night (which we promptly were obliged to “test” with butter multiple times). This made for an extremely decadent breakfast! I ate one half at around 7:30 am, and the other half around 10:30 am.


I washed it down with black coffee from the office’s resident Hunk Mug.


Wintergreen Salad from Modern Market.JPG

We were informed that we’d be ordering lunch in from Modern Market, so I jumped aboard that train, even though I already brought a great lunch (I saved it for another time, don’t worry). This is Mod Market’s Wintergreen Salad. So delicious!

Mod Market

Lunch arrived and we all ate in the conference room to welcome a new employee, around 12:30 pm.


Michelle walked into my office shouting “Chocolate!” and through one of these my way, around 2:30 pm. I couldn’t say no, duh.


Berries and tortilla

Shortly after, I had some “Berry Salad” and tortillas, with my evening run on my mind (carb-loading).

Zucchini bread

Not even before I finished the berries was I inundated with more chocolatey goodness. My boss is involved in a new chocolate business endeavor (ding!), so she creates new baking recipes often. Here’s a little square of zucchini-banana-dark chocolate bread. It was moist and delicious, of course. I will be bothering her for that recipe!


Ratatouille Sub and Slaw

When I got home fromย work, Nick and I went for a quick 4-mile run around Wash Park (all sub-10-minute miles!). After taking a relaxing epsom salt and lavender bubble bath, I was ready for dinner. On the menu?

Ratatouille Sub and Slaw 3

Leftover Ratatouille Subs on Nick’s homemade bread (with a layer of butter for good measure), with a side of Green Cabbage and Cucumber Slaw (another Smitten Kitchen recipe). We added some Sriracha and wine to top this meal off.

It truly hit the spot. That slaw is amazing, you guys. You should really visit the Smitten Kitchen website or get her cookbook. She really knows what’s up.


Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

As per usual around here, we split one of these bad boys for our sweet-tooth closer. Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups out-do Reese’s any day (I’d still eat a handful of them, though, if they’re available).

And that’s it!


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