Weekend Snapshots



This was the first weekend the man and I were both in the same town without any obligations whatsoever. Knowing this for a while, a few months ago we thought it might be fun to go on a trip during this time. But once the reprieve approached, we both realized we just wanted to not do anything fussy.

Enter: the Weekend Staycation.



Friday night was around the 6-month anniversary of when we met through a mutual friend at the classy establishment of Don’s Club Tavern, so we thought we’d re-visit the dive bar for a bit of nostalgia.


Here we are being giant dorks. We’re cute. We drank just the right amount to cause a pit stop to Cosmo’s Pizza on the way home. #DoingLifeRight



On Saturday, we had fully committed to vacation mode and to doing whatever the heck we wanted, when we wanted. So, we slept in, made delicious Greek yogurt pancakes from a Smitten Kitchen cookbook Nick found by the dumpster (for the win!), went for a 3.5-mile walk around Wash Park, which was lovely, and then lay in bed watching tons of Rectify episodes. We finished the 3rd season and are now grieving the loss of such an emotional-roller-coastery show. So good!


After that, we waited for the temperature to cool down a bit before going on an easy run around Wash Park, clocking in 4 miles and completing half of my monthly mileage goal. Boom!

After that, we decided to indulge in our month-long craving for a cheeseburger and fries, so the man introduced me to The Spot, a little bar and grill around the corner from his apartment. I was a bad blogger and didn’t snap any photos (almost the entire weekend, too!), but we partook in: fried pickles, a burger, a club sandwich, and fries. NOM.



Sunday, Nick got in a long run for his upcoming 50-mile race while I surfed Overstock.com‘s huge summer sale. I have been looking at the above area rug for ages, so I bit the bullet and bought it at 41% off. Since Rico Suave is an old kitty who needs a little padding when he lies around the wood floor, and since I wanted something to anchor my new apartment’s living/dining space, this was just the right purchase. Bold and fun!

After that, we went to the pool and got a tan before making delicious ratatouille subs from, once again, Smitten Kitchen. Here’s a photo of the glorious meal from The Happy Foodie, since we inhaled it before snapping a photo:


Once I had eaten this divine combo of veggies and bread, I headed out to my a cappella group rehearsal. Hopefully we’ll get some gigs in the coming months!

Something else to look forward to: We’re going to my hometown near Jacksonville, Florida for Labor Day Weekend! 🙂


This post is a part of the Weekend Snapshots link-up with HerHeartlandSoul. 🙂  




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