Another Photo Recap & Check-In



Hey, loves! I am so sorry I’ve been AWOL. I thought life would slow down once Grease opened, but it hasn’t. Working, packing, moving, family in town, fainting while running (whoops!)—has all been a little much.

Here’s a quick little photo update until I’m back in the swing of things (soon!).


Opening weekend went SUPER well! We’re about 91% sold out for the whole run, which is absurdly awesome.


Here are the GORGEOUS flowers Nick got me for opening night. He scoured the town to find my favorite flower, peonies, since they’re not currently in season. Thanks to the Ruffly Rose on South Pearl Street for being amazing! And of course, to the man! 🙂


We performed Hand Jive at the Colorado Theater Guild’s Henry Awards, which was fun and also terrifying, as we weren’t nominees—we were just giving a promotional sneak peek of the show because the ceremony was held at our venue. Performing for a bunch of top-notch theater gurus felt like an audition!


Sometimes you whiten your teeth on your drive to work. No shame.


Here’s a photo of a delicious Tofu Pad Thai dish the man made for me one night. 🙂


On the day my brother got into town for my show, I took the day off of work and realized I could finally go for a run after 10+ days off. After the first mile, Nick and I came to a stop light. I felt a little dizzy and light-headed, which sometimes happens when I make an abrupt stop from running.

In this case, though, I fainted completely and fell into the pavement before Nick could realize what happened! Thankfully my knee and shoulder took the brunt of the fall, but they’re all just scrapes and flesh wounds.

The cool thing is that multiple people stopped their cars and came to offer help. One construction worker gave us his unopened ice-cold Gatorade bottle that was going to keep him hydrated on a hot day. Faith in humanity restored! Nick brought me home and cleaned me all up with his EMT skills. I was in shock for a while and then felt much better quite quickly.


Here’s the late lunch/early dinner we put together before I had to perform that night! Leftover Cosmo’s pizza, leftover Little India shrimp masala and saffron rice, and leftover Pad Thai made my the man. The bandaids and bandages were not consumed; don’t worry.


All my wounds looked pretty darn bad the day after! Stage makeup works wonders, though.


These bandages saved my knee for the multiple fighting and dancing scenes on the second weekend of the show.


My whole family came into town to support me! I felt so loved.


I got all the flowers in the world!


It’s been fun posing for pictures with the kids who loved the show, and signing their programs!


After the Sunday matinee, we spent time with my parents before they headed to the airport. We showed them where my new apartment will be (above) and Nick’s new apartment.


This is what happens when you pack all your butter knives but leave a chef’s knife out because you’ve got to chop mushrooms for your breakfast burritos (priorities). As long as butter gets on the bread, who cares?!

Thanks to momma for the delicious ciabatta bread from the Parker Farmers’ Market! We’ve already devoured it. 🙂


I will be shacking up with the man for a month and then moving into my new Wash Park apartment in September. 🙂

I hope to either find dance classes, voice lessons, or another show to look forward to. We’ll see!

I can’t wait to get back into running again, and also get good, solid rest on a regular basis.

I aim to cook lots of fun, delicious meals with the man in his new apartment!

I also hope to blog a lot more regularly and thoughtfully.



14 thoughts on “Another Photo Recap & Check-In

  1. Rae says:

    Yikes, fainting is scary! Glad you’re ok. Wishing you all the best with everything you’ve got coming up. I’m getting myself up to snuff for 9 to 5 auditions in January, so I’m also getting back into voice lessons, dance classes etc. Fun!

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