A Cheese Plate to Envy

Cheese plate


This past Friday, I left the office at 2pm (summer hours are the best) and met up with the man—Nick’s his name—for an easy 3.5-mile run in City Park to round out the long-yet-crazily-productive week before our food-centric Date Night at Home.

This time around, we planned a cheese, freshly baked bread, and wine feast. After leaving the bread to rise, getting our workout in, and picking up some cheesy goodness from Sprouts, we headed home to quickly shower before indulging in deliciousness.

Wine, cheese, and fresh bread date night at home! | THE REAL LIFE Blog


Nick got this cheese board at World Market recently, and we were quick to put it to good use. We also took the opportunity to play with our logo: N | V Kitchen, for Nick and Vanessa, but also because we’re the envy of basically every food-crazed person out there, duh.

Anyway, we chose goat cheese, English cheddar, and brie. YUM!


While the fresh bread was baking, we partook in cheese, crackers, and other little snacks (red grapes, and bread-&-butter pickles… before enjoying real bread with herb butter made by yours truly).

Dalmatia Fig Spread from Sprouts

This Dalmatia Fig Spread went so well atop a cracker with either goat or brie cheese. The picture is terrible, however. I can’t keep my hands still when there’s cheese, bread, and wine present, okay?

There aren’t any pictures of the bread and herb butter because it’s unrealistic to expect me to photograph that which disappears in 0.05 seconds.

Cat's 15th birthday


We weren’t the only ones feasting Friday night. The Reek enjoyed an organic meal, too, to celebrate his 15th birthday! I’ve had this dummy for half my life.


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