Another Photo Recap & Check-In



Hey, loves! I am so sorry I’ve been AWOL. I thought life would slow down once Grease opened, but it hasn’t. Working, packing, moving, family in town, fainting while running (whoops!)—has all been a little much.

Here’s a quick little photo update until I’m back in the swing of things (soon!).

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Outfits of the Week



You guys… GREASE OPENS TONIGHT! I am beyond excited!

To keep things brief again: Here are this week’s outfits. Keep in mind this has been tech week, with work from 8-4 and then full run-throughs of the show after that, with a call at 5pm and leaving the theater at around 10:30pm every night. Oof!

Bonus: I have an update on what I kept from my 5th Stitch Fix!

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A Weekend Photo Recap



This weekend kicked off what will be an intense tech week. Saturday and Sunday totaled 16 hours of Grease rehearsal. I visited a farmers’ market. I also squeaked in some miles and yummy meals (bonus: a delicious vegan risotto recipe!). And the man kicked ass in the Leadville Silver Rush 50-miler.

I’ve been and will be very busy until opening night this Friday (and four performances this weekend), so I leave you with: lots of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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The Difference 30 Pounds Makes

Losing 30 pounds with intuitive eating and running | THE REAL LIFE Blog | fitness, exercise, health, running, half marathon, working out, healthy eating, intuitive eating


This is a tough post to write. Vulnerability at its finest.

I want to revisit the me 30+ pounds ago, reflect upon how different I’ve become, and remember why the weight loss means more to me than just a pretty picture.

DISCLAIMER: I am now recovering from a restrictive eating disorder… and now that the fog has lifted, that photo of me on the right is terrifying. I now look much like the girl on the left again, and I couldn’t be happier. Read all about my recovery here and here, and then read on with caution.

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Outfits of the Week

What I wore, outfits of the week.jpg


Happy Friday, everyone! Today is the last day of semi-normalcy. Tomorrow begins back-to-back rehearsal days for tech week before Grease opens. I’ll have rehearsal for hours and hours every day. Lord knows how I will survive.

But this past week was nice and relaxed, relatively. Here are the outfits I wore!

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A Stop at Savory Spice Shop

Savory Spice Shop in downtown Littleton, Colorado

This past Saturday, the man and I headed to downtown Littleton so I could pick up some tan character shoes from Penny Robin Dancewear.

After hearing patrons and staff talk highly of Savory Spice Shop (a Colorado business, located just down the street), we excitedly stopped in to see what we could find.

Spoiler: What we found is a lot of really great, handcrafted spices & seasonings inspired by Colorado landscape.

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