I’m Getting My Hair Cut As We Speak!


Hey, lovely blog-readers!

I scheduled this post to publish while I’m visiting AURA Salon in Littleton. What will I have done? Well, I’m not 100% sure.

We can look at past haircuts, for fun, because why not.


no hair

Age 1-ish: No hair!


Age 3-ish: Blonde pigtails with my gramps’ glasses! 🙂

super long

Age 18: Super-long hair in high school. Woah!

dark hs

Age 18: Then I cut a few inches off, with shaggy face-framing “bangs.”


Age 20: A hair-dye adventure gone wrong.


Age 20: Then I dyed it back dark and added dramatic layers.
(See also: a selfie before selfies were a thing.)


Age 21: Went for a bob with some side bangs (and also, brownie batter).

side bangs

Age 25-ish: Wavy with heavy bangs [photo cred: Jessica Christie Photography]

super short

Age 26-ish: Super short! (About to eat fish & chips at The Golden Bee British pub at The Broadmoor with my best friend Emily!)


Age 27-ish: Growing it out.

ombre hair

Age 28: Put some blonde ombre in there (and a blond pup!)

Rizzo wig 2

Age 29: My far-too realistic and scarily-goodlooking Rizzo wig!

OUTFITS OF THE WEEK | THE REAL LIFE Friday Just don't care.

Age 29: My hair these days is growing rapidly, doesn’t have much shape, and when I wear it “straight” it usually just looks like dead strawiness (a new word coined by me).

Thursday outfit

Age 29: I like it when I curl it, but the color’s faded a lot, especially up at the roots where you can see some ashiness.

Ready for adventure! Flannel top from Ross, blue skinny jeans from Gap, Sperry boat shoes from DSW | THE REAL LIFE, Outfits of the Week series | fashion, clothing, style, thrift shopping, Stitch Fix

Alright, enough talk…

I should have an AFTER photo up soon!







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