Outfits of the Week



This has been a dress-heavy week, since temperatures have crept up into the mid-90s (barf!).

I also sported some colorful shorts, tank tops, & workout attire in the deadly Colorado heat. Check it out!

Friday mall outfit


Summer hours commence! I left work a tad early and ventured on over to the Cherry Creek Mall with my friend Michelle to find some fun things. We then parted ways for a couple hours—I went to the (air-conditioned) gym to squeeze a run in—before she came back over and I introduced her to the divinity that is Cosmo’s Pizza.

  • bright-pink shorts, Gap (on sale + another 30% off! I finally own shorts!)
  • flowy ivory top, Forever 21
  • sandals, Ross

Rizzo costume


If you’re a The Real Life regular, then you’re familiar with this Rizzo Costume sneak peek! We marched in the (very hot and sunny) Parker Days Parade as our characters before a long day of rehearsal.

  • costume by the wonderful Rosemary Smith at the PACE Center (with Inspire Creative Theater)

Sunday dance outfit


After a 7-mile run with the man in City Park (thankfully the sun was hiding behind some clouds!), I showered and got back into more workout attire for a long dance rehearsal.

  • running tights, REI
  • black T, Target
  • pile of laundry, courtesy of a busy life

Monday dress


Here we have one of the steals from our mall visit on Friday!

  • gray dress, Gap (all dresses were $25!)
  • black flats, Ross
  • necklace, a cute shop in San Diego (the name I can’t remember, whoops)

Tuesday outfit


I am trying to make pants work in the sweltering heat without murdering anyone. Casualties so far: zero (feeling proud!)

  • dark-wash skinny jeans, Gap
  • flowy teal top, Target
  • wedges, Nine West (hand-me-downs)
  • statement necklace, Forever 21 (love their jewelry!)

Wednesday green dress


My desperation to wear dresses in this heat (but without breaking the bank) has caused me to start working with the items I had when I was 30 pounds heavier. Here, a dress belt helps this not look so large on me.

  • green dress, LOFT Outlet in Castle Rock
  • teal dress belt, Kohl’s (came with another dress)
  • wedges, hand-me-downs



Here’s another way-too-big dress. I honestly cannot believe what a difference shedding 30 pounds makes. I am swimming in this dress, but since I couldn’t go swimming at the pool, I chose too-big over too-hot.

  • Jessica Simpson dress, Nordstrom
  • black flats, Target

There we have it!

I’ve been eagerly awaiting my hair appointment, which is early tomorrow morning.

ANY GUESSES on what I’m going to do?


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