Life Update: I Found A Place to Live!

Washington Park, Denver, Colorado


You guys. I have been trying to find a place in West Wash Park to call my own, and as of this week, I found the perfect spot!

Nestled just a couple blocks from all my favorite things (the man’s place, friends, all the food and coffee shops, and running in Wash Park!), this condo is a dream come true. I’m most excited about decorating it and making it mine.

Here are the BEFORE photos! (AFTER to come in September.)


These are the Craigslist ad images. What I love so much about this home, besides the perfect location, is the openness, natural light, and hardwood floors!


The kitchen is nice and has newer appliances compared to many other apartments in the area.


The bedroom is spacious and will fit my king-size bed. (Bonus: The closet is also huge!)

The home has some oddly-colored accent walls, but I feel like I can make them work, especially since most of my decor is white.


It’s a 606-square-foot 1-bed/1-bath condo and comes with its own designated parking spot. It’s also a corner unit on the top floor. LOVE!

I have to wait just under three months to move in, but it is worth it and waiting for me to be its tenant. Have I said I’m excited? I just cannot wait to get all settled in. In the meantime, I’ll be keeping myself busy with rehearsal, then the Grease production run, and then tons of traveling for work.

I’m so relieved and happy to have this place booked for my next year in Denver. More to come in September!


13 thoughts on “Life Update: I Found A Place to Live!

  1. Cheeta says:

    I adore those floors! For me I would be straight on the case of ripping out the microwave from above the stove and repainting over that dark wall in the living room. There’s so much scope though I really can’t wait to see what you do with it!
    The ceiling fan in the bedroom took me back to growing up in Australia, the don’t have them anywhere in the UK (where I live now) and you’ve just gotten me all nostalgic!
    Great place and love the location going by your first pic, countdown is on for 3 months!

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