Perfectionisms: Self-Abuse Disguised as Self-Improvement

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On a run in City Park a few weeks ago, the man and I talked about how we’re both prone to perfectionism, how we both let the ultimate goal sometimes sabotage the smaller progresses, how the black-and-white, all-or-nothing way of thinking when it comes to certain goals (fitness, finance, career, etc.)  is sneaky and seductive, making us think we aren’t (ever) enough, setting us up for self-scolding and, ultimately, self-sabotage.

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A Breakfast Date at The Wooden Spoon

BRUNCH IN THE DENVER HIGHLANDS: The Wooden Spoon Cafe and Bakery


This weekend was a bit crazy, so instead of a date night, the man and I scheduled a Breakfast Date!

We have a running list of date ideas, as well as one for breakfast places to visit. Yeah, we’re that cool. This time around, the lists overlapped and we planned a romantic brunch at The Wooden Spoon Cafe & Bakery in the Highlands.

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Outfits of the Week

Outfits of the Week | THE REAL LIFE Blog | fashion, fitness, lifestyle, food, foodie, running, clothes, style, shopping, thrifty, Denver Colorado


Things are getting serious with my schedule as we approach the last few weeks of Grease rehearsals before opening. I’m doing my best to take each day in stride, and to not let the future overwhelm me.

It may sound silly or trite, but sometimes focusing on how I can look my best and do my best (with work, running, eating healthy, performing) each day gets me to stop trying to figure it all out. I’m focusing on each day as it comes, with all my energy.

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Wine Slushies & Blackberry Ricotta Pizza!?

Blackberry Ricotta Pizza with Basil | THE REAL LIFE Blog | food, fitness, lifestyle, recipes, pizza, running, Denver Colorado


Blackberries on pizza? Yep, it’s a thing, and yep, it’s good.

One of my favorite things about the man is that he’s equally as adventurous when it comes to food and recipes. I found this recipe on Pinterest and just knew it was up our alley.

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10 Miles + The Farmers’ Market

Running and then Shopping at the South Pearl Street Farmers Market in Denver, Colorado | THE REAL LIFE blog | lifestyle, food, recipes, foodie, fitness, running, exercise, healthy, organic, local food

So far, I’ve gotten pretty darn close to checking all of the 12 Things to Look Forward to This Summer boxes: frozen drinks and a pool visit, eating outdoors, summer attireexploring new places, spotting cute animals, and getting summer hours!

With 25 hours of rehearsal per week , 10 of which are on weekends, it’s been hard to truly enjoy the season. But this Sunday we didn’t have rehearsal, thanks to Father’s Day, and the result was the absolute perfect day!

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A Post-Rehearsal Salmon Dinner

A Simple Salmon Dinner! | THE REAL LIFE | food, fitness, health, eating, recipes


That should’ve been the name of my blog. Oh well.

This Saturday I had an early-morning haircut and color before a four-hour Grease rehearsal. When I got home, the man and I put together this delicious dinner that looks far too involved. (Hint: It was anything but.)

Bonus: You get to meet our two new plants!

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Margaritas & Tacos By The Pool

Date Night at Home, Margaritas and Tacos | THE REAL LIFE | food, recipes, Mexican, cocktails, drinks, vegetarian meals, healthy eating, thrifty date night ideas


This past Friday was a long time coming. It was a trying week, and the man knew just what I needed:

a run, followed by playing “Wikipedia” (which he surprised me with, because we both love playing dorky trivia games), followed by making tacos and margaritas at home!

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A Running Tally of All My Races


Hey, guys! This post will be updated to keep an ongoing race log—a digital version of the above race medal display, if you will.

By the way, the tutorial for making the display is super easy (and free!), and can be found on Two Moms and a Journey. I want to tackle that one day.

Platte River Half Marathon at the start line

Platte River Half Marathon
April 9, 2017
Littleton, Colorado
Official time: 2:21:36
Pace: 10:48
Read the race recap here.

A race recap of The Color Run Denver

The Color Run Denver
August 27, 2016
Denver, Colorado
Official time: 29:14
Pace: 9:50/mile
Read the race recap here.


Colfax Half Marathon
May 15, 2016
Denver, Colorado
Official time:
Read the recap here.

Highlands half

Highlands Ranch Half Marathon
September 2, 2013
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Official time: 2:37:31
Pace: 12:01/mile
I was 30 pounds heavier and not the happiest, despite the thumbs up and the grin. It was also the inaugural race, so not many people participated (as you can see!).


Thunder Road Half Marathon
December 11, 2010
Charlotte, North Carolina
Official time: 2:13:24
Pace: 10:11/mile
I hit a PR (at that point) with this race! The temperature was in the low 30s, but it was a good run.


26.2 With Donna Half Marathon
February 19, 2009
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Official time: 2:38:26
Pace: 12:05/mile
This was my second half marathon, and my second time running the 26.2 With Donna.


Gate River Run 15K (9.3 miles)
March 8, 2008
Jacksonville, Florida
Official time: 1:45:54
Pace: 11:23/mile
This picture cracks me up! So intense.


26.2 With Donna Half Marathon
February 17, 2008
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Official time: 2:36:33
Pace: 11:57/mile
My first race ever! I’m in the background, just to the left of the guy with the stroller.