Race Recap: My Thoughts on the 2016 Colfax Half Marathon



I accomplished my goal of running 13.1 miles in UNDER TWO HOURS! While my official time was 2:03:25, my goal was to break 2 hours of actual running time.

I paused the Garmin Forerunner only when I stopped to drink water, quickly eat a Clif Shot Block and/or cantaloupe, and once to pee. I never walked one step of the actual 13.1, and my average pace was 9:04. I PRed everything. I can’t believe it!

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A New Love: Making Ravioli From Scratch

How to make homemade, handmade ravioli from scratch! | THE REA LIFE | Yotam Ottolenghi's Lemon & Goat Cheese Ravioli recipe


I’m strategically scheduling this post to go live as I’m running the Colfax Half! My ode to carb-loading! 🙂

I recently tried making homemade pasta, with a pasta maker and all, and I loved it. (It was also out-of-this-world delicious.)

Then, I graduated on to homemade ravioli, shaped with my bare hands.

You guys, I’m in love.

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Pre-Race Days: The Colfax Half Marathon

PRE RACE DAYS! What I did two days prior to my Colfax Half Marathon race | running, fitness, marathon training, goals


Good morning, loves! I’m up early on a Saturday morning.

About this time (7:30 am) tomorrow, I’ll be halfway through the Colfax Half Marathon!

I’m feeling a little nervous but mostly excited and ready, especially after eating all the carbs, going to the Race Expo to pick up my bib, and visiting the grocery store for a few more fun pick-me-ups.

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Outfits of the Week

What I wore, Outfits of the Week | THE REAL LIFE fashion, style, outfits, shopping, clothing


This week has been just a tad bit busy with rehearsals, work, and getting back into the swing of things after the Jackson Hole trip.

We will give Friday morning an exemption, as it was a crazy and delirious travel day—and we’ll make up for it with a fancy event outfit Tuesday night.

Check it out!

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My 4th Stitch Fix: A Different Approach

My new approach to Stitch Fix styling


…kind of. Last time around, I changed my Style Profile to more expensive items, because I wanted to focus on business event attire and looking more professional. My stylist Leah knocked it out of the park!

However, I also had to realize that, in general, I need to get more aggressive in my saving strategy for a new apartment coming up in July.

Here’s how I compromised…

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My Stay in Jackson Hole: Part 4

Running and eating in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


…and running & food. The conclusion of my four-part Jackson Hole recap is pretty darn simple.

Our schedules were filled to the brim this week between meetings and events and wanting to get the insider’s guide to Jackson Hole. Every spare minute was spent on the go.

When my downtime-filled Thursday came along, I decided to devote it to a smorgasbord of local eats, with a little trail running mixed in. Take a look at these pics!

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My Stay in Jackson Hole: Part 3

The busiest day in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Yesterday was divine. If you’ve been following along, we landed in Jackson Hole, were blown away by our hotel room, ran a fast 5 miles along the Snake River, and feasted on Local eats.

Today was nonstop. We got up early for another run, followed by a brief luxurious bath session, before we had multiple meetings with designers galore. It did, however, involve sampling a ton of food.

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