My Stay in Jackson Hole: Part 4

Running and eating in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


…and running & food. The conclusion of my four-part Jackson Hole recap is pretty darn simple.

Our schedules were filled to the brim this week between meetings and events and wanting to get the insider’s guide to Jackson Hole. Every spare minute was spent on the go.

When my downtime-filled Thursday came along, I decided to devote it to a smorgasbord of local eats, with a little trail running mixed in. Take a look at these pics!

Persephone Bakery breakfast in bed at the White Buffalo Club hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Thursday morning was devoted to breakfast in bed while getting caught up on work.

I walked to Persephone Bakery for the umpteenth time and brought back the Herbed Farm Fresh Omelette (fresh herbs, goat cheese, Summer vegetable hash, fried fingerling potatoes, mustard cream). Obviously it was accompanied by their almond milk latte and toast.

Herbed Farm Fresh Omelette from Persephone Bakery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

It was decadent and delicious! I worked for a few hours, did some laundry with my convenient washer/dryer, and then got ready for my first and only appointment of the day.

Ready for lunch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


I met up with Sarah and Mo for our lunch business meeting at E.Leaven Food Company, the cute and cozy restaurant that catered our networking event the night before.

Roasted veggie sandwich E.Leaven Food Company in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

I ordered the grilled veggie sandwich, which was cheesy and the bread delicious, with homemade baked potato chips. Yum!

Chicken salad sandwich, E.Leaven Food Company, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Sarah got the chicken salad sandwich.


And Mo got this ranch chicken wrap, which was gargantuan.

Baked smores at Persephone Bakery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming


After our lunch chat, Sarah and I walked back to Persephone Bakery (yep, again) because she was craving a little something sweet. (She opted for the above chocolate-dipped, homemade S’mores!)

Then we parted ways, as Sarah had more work to do, and I had some shopping on my mind.

Paper and Grace,  Jackson Hole, Wyoming

I popped into Paper & Grace, a stationery & gift shop filled with wonderfully beautiful things! I was looking for a birthday gift for my best friend Emily. These earrings would do!

Coco Love, chocolate by Chef Oscar Ortega, Jackson Hole Wyoming

What next? To my good fortune, next door to Paper & Grace was Coco Love, a gorgeous chocolatier created by Chef Oscar Ortega (Top 10 Pastry Chef in America). YUM!

Muffins at Coco Love, choclatier, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

I was still stuffed from lunch and determined to let that digest before our afternoon run, so—somehow—I walked away empty-handed. Oh, the discipline!

Stuffed animals at Jackson Hole, Wyoming Mercantile

Next on my agenda was the Jackson Mercantile for a special gift (more on that later). Somehow I managed to avoid the $400 temptation of this stuffed “Muskrat in Canoe.” Creepy!

Eating and shopping left me a little on the tired side, so I went back to my room to relax and catch up on emails before our trail run.

Ready to run Cache Creek Trail in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Finally, we geared up and made our way for the Cache Creek Trailhead, recommended to us by a handful of active locals.

Cache Creek Trailhead, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

They also made a point to mention that it was a fairly flat trail, hardly any incline. Um, I’m sorry, which planet are you from?

Uphill at Cache Creek Trail, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We ran a total of 4 miles, 2 miles in (and up the mountain) and 2 miles back down. We sprinted every hill; it was a challenging workout!

Cache Creek Trail,  Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The views were astoundingly gorgeous (contrary to popular belief, I’m not talking about me).

Cache Creek Trail, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The sound of the running creek was so refreshing and not something we’re used to hearing in Colorado.

Trio restaurant, Jackson Hole, Wyoming


After a quick shower, we headed out to consume even more food! This time, it was Trio Restaurant, owned by the same people as The Local, where we ate our first night in Jackson.

It’s a small and inviting American bistro with a pizza oven in view (my favorite thing). Since it was Cinco de Mayo, we ordered Agave Margaritas and shared two delicious pizzas.

Cassina pizza, Trio Restaurant, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

I ordered the Cassina without the sausage (garlic oil, house made pork sausage, goat cheese, roasted wild mushrooms, fontina, basil, and lemon). I am telling you: It was out of this world. Look at the amount of wild mushrooms!

Prosciutto and asparagus pizza, Trio Restaurant, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Sarah ordered the Prosciutto & Asparagus pizza, which tasted completely different yet equally delicious (the toppings make all the difference!). I was pleasantly surprised to eat shaved asparagus and earmarked the idea for future pizza recipes!

The restaurant also has an infamous Wheel of Fortune. After every meal is finished, patrons spin the wheel to receive some sort of discount. We got 10% of our bill!

Our last night in Jackson consisted of… a few more margaritas and not enough sleep. Oh, Cinco de Mayo.


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