Outfits of the Week

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This week has been extra, extra busy. From days where I go from my snowy long run to a 5-hour rehearsal, to traveling to Jackson Hole and meeting with multiple business associates… let’s just say I’ve worn many different things.

And I’m worn out!

OUTFITS OF THE WEEK | THE REAL LIFE Friday Just don't care.


It was a Friday morning after a long, tiring Thursday (early-morning meeting; canceled rehearsal, which facilitated staying late at the office; a run in the dreary cold; a late pasta-bread-and-salad meal)… and it was snowing and I didn’t want to get off the couch. I only blowdried my hair because I’d get hypothermia if I didn’t. Whatevs.

  • geometric sweater, Forever21
  • dark-wash skinny jeans, Gap
  • brown riding boots, DSW

Proof of not wanting to be in public that morning:


It was a struggle. After work, the man and I went for a snowy 4.8 mile run in Wash Park. Here’s that workout outfit:

Snowy, cold workout outfit | OUTFITS OF THE WEEK | THE REAL LIFE fitness, clothing, style, shopping

That’s right—I wore a see-through running shirt. It was Friday.

  • Long-sleeve see-through running shirt, Under Armour
  • Running tights, REI (sale rack)
  • Columbia vest, Good Will thrift find
  • Head band, Target
  • Hipster band (around my waist for carrying iPhone, snacks, keys, etc.), a gift! Runners Roost 

What I Wore: Outfits of the Week | THE REAL LIFE clothing, fashion, style, shopping, thrifty


I’d like to say I had slept off the deliriousness by Saturday morning, but I had not. (I don’t think it helped that I had the requisite four glasses of wine at a Seder dinner the night before. Whoops!)

When I got dressed for my 5-hour dance rehearsal, I apparently didn’t think about actual… dance attire. Whoops again!

  • Skinny jeans, Gap
  • Flowy floral top, Kohls (Lauren Conrad)
  • Boots, DSW 

Sunday tired outfit


Sunday was literal craziness. First, I had 12 miles on the schedule. However, I woke up exhausted and there was snow falling outside. I somehow mustered up the energy and motivation to get out in the cold, and I ran 9 miles.

Then I showered, went to a 4-hour dance rehearsal, came home, and helped the man bake: apple muffins, two loaves of homemade bread, and then ventured into the unknown of making handmade ravioli (yes, from scratch, and with bare hands because the pasta maker broke).

While this was all a ton of fun, we were both at the conclusion that we’d taken on too much for one day. I forgot to take any outfit photos, so here’s one of me in PJs sitting at the stove with wine, because my legs and back were too sore to stand. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you’re not actually interested in this frumpy PJ attire.

  • PJ pants, Target
  • Columbia lightweight jacket, Good Will 

Monday dressy casual outfit


It’s safe to say that I slept like a baby Sunday night, and—thankfully—felt well-rested and refreshed Monday morning!

  • Skinny jeans, Gap
  • Pink blouse, Forever 21
  • Statement necklace, Walmart (!!)
  • Brown booties, DSW 

Tuesday airport outfit


Tuesday morning I was up bright and early to get ready to head to Denver International Airport for my flight to Jackson Hole, Wyoming! (I’ve never had such a fun business trip.)

  • Darkwash skinny jeans, Gap
  • Striped T-shirt, American Eagle
  • Gray cardigan, Target
  • Black booties, DSW

My running gear before Snake River 5 mile, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Tuesday afternoon, my coworker Sarah and I went for a 5-mile run (my fastest!) along the Snake River in Jackson. It was a long day but absolutely wonderful!

  • Pink workout shorts, Walmart
  • Lime green and gray sports bra, Walmart
  • Black tank, Target 

Wednesday morning run


Early on Wednesday morning, Sarah and I went for a 3-mile run, this time through downtown Jackson to the National Elk Refuge and back. This was the start to the busiest day ever and many, many outfits!

  • Running tights, REI
  • Nike top, REI


After our run, we headed to Lotus Cafe to work on our laptops for a few hours before our multiple work-related meetings and appointments.

  • Black skinny beans, Gap
  • Blue blouse, Kohls
  • Denim jacket, Aeropostale
  • Black booties, DSW

Wednesday event

Wednesday night was the big networking event we were slated to host, and it was extremely successful! Here’s a quick photo we snapped.

  • Flowy black blouse, Francesca’s
  • Black skinnies, Gap

    OUTFITS OF THE WEEK | THE REAL LIFE fashion, clothing, style


Finally got some down time on Thursday morning before another lunch meeting and then shopping around town.

  • Top, Gap
  • Pink skinny jeans, American Eagle
  • Beige suede booties, Target


(Don’t you dare say Sunday night!)

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