My Stay in Jackson Hole: Part 3

The busiest day in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Yesterday was divine. If you’ve been following along, we landed in Jackson Hole, were blown away by our hotel room, ran a fast 5 miles along the Snake River, and feasted on Local eats.

Today was nonstop. We got up early for another run, followed by a brief luxurious bath session, before we had multiple meetings with designers galore. It did, however, involve sampling a ton of food.

Early morning breakfast at the White Buffalo Club hotel before a run in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


We were inspired by our run the previous evening and decided to head out again, this time in the early morning. We planned a 7-am run, so I woke up at 6 to check emails and have a small breakfast.

An early morning run in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

An early morning in Jackson Hole in May means it’s quite chilly (35 degrees). I forgot to bring a jacket and froze to ice on our quick 3-mile run through town.

Run near Jackson

We ran straight through the small downtown area into the outskirts.

National Elk Refuge, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We stumbled upon the National Elk Refuge, which was reference on the Antler Arches plaque. We didn’t see any elk, though.


We did see some gorgeous Tetons, though. Here we ventured into a little neighborhood.

Run splits

Talk about negative splits. (I think we were just motivated to get back to our warm hotel rooms.)

Luxurious bath in White Buffalo Club hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


We had an hour after our run to relax before heading out to a cafe to grab breakfast and work on our laptops. I was taking a shower but staring longingly at the bathtub… feeling the ache in my hamstrings and back. Finally, I just switched gears and hopped into the tub, coffee, nail polish, and all. Best decision of my life, to date.


Side note: Remember the slowest hairdryer on earth? I called the front desk to ask for a replacement, and they brought me a brand new one in the box. Talk about service!

The Lotus Cafe, Jackson Hole, Wyoming


With a workout in before 9 am, we sauntered over to the ever-recommended Lotus Cafe for (second) breakfast.

The Lotus Cafe menu in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The Rendezvous smoothie at The Lotus Cafe, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

I wanted to keep it light because we had a lunch meeting at 11:30, so I ordered what was fresh on my mind from yesterday’s visit to Healthy Being: a delicious smoothie.

I ordered the Rendezvous: banana, almond butter, and raw cacao nibs (I also added almond milk). It was even better than the Aphrodite at the Juicery. There might be an addiction here…

Persephone Bakery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming


A few hours and lot of work emails later, we met up with a business partner at Persephone Bakery (right smack-dab next to Healthy Being Juicery, who had recently been upstaged).

Decor at Persephone Bakery in  Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The decor was a 100 percent adorable distressed-French-Country-antique vibe. Similar to Healthy Being, Persephone is located inside an old house.

Baked goods and pastries at Persephone Bakery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The crisp, French decor pales in comparison to the striking beauty of its baked goods. Can we PLEASE talk about this spread?

Baked goods at Persephone Bakery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

At this point, I was to order anything everything all the things.

The menu at Persephone Bakery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

I was probably biased because I walked past someone else’s on the way to order, but the minute I saw the Egg Sandwich, I was sold.

Egg Sandwich Croissant, Persephone Bakery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Yes, it was as delicious as it looks! The gruyere cheese: my. god.

Chocolate cake, Persephone Bakery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We also shared this chocolate bundt cake. It was also quite yummy.

Vertical Harvest, Jackson Hole Wyoming

The afternoon was followed up with a million more meetings, one of which was touring Vertical Harvesta three story, 13,500-square-foot hydroponic greenhouse. So cool!

Annnnnnd then we rushed back to our hotel rooms to change and grab all the materials for our networking event. It was an absolutely exhausting day that concluded with a comforting container of takeout vegetarian nachos from Hatch Taqueria and Tequilas… in my pajamas… in my hotel bed… watching Restaurant: Impossible. Just, so tired.


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