My Stay in Jackson Hole: Part 1

The Gray Crane art shop and gallery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Hello from sunny Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

I’m here on business, but why not report back to The Real Life on all the fun tidbits of my first visit to this gorgeous town?

I’ve only been here for 4 hours, and I’m already smitten.

Breakfast burrito on my travel day to Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Here’s a picture of the (second) breakfast burrito that I nibbled on throughout day (and still going strong!). It’s an egg/veggie/potato mix, and it’s delicious.

The gorgeous Teton mountains, Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Everyone told me that my aerial view of the Tetons from the plane would be outstanding. What they didn’t tell me the airport was smack-dab next to one of the most dramatic farmland-to-mountain transitions I’ve ever seen.

Stuffed animal greeting in my White Buffalo Club hotel room


We’re staying at The White Buffalo Club hotel, which is gorgeous and sits right on Gill Avenue. This cute little stuffed buffalo was awaiting me on one of the two King-sized beds in my room.

Full-length mirror in my White Buffalo Club hotel room in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

I found a full-length mirror for my Outfits of the Week updates!

Closet, The White Buffalo Club hotel, Jackson Hole, WyomingSpeaking of, I went ahead and unpacked all of my items into the closet space. I brought almost my entire wardrobe, because the weather changes, whether it’s morning, midday, or night around here.

Many different workout clothes for changing we

I also packed many different workout clothes, because this hotel also serves as the town’s fitness club (I was planning on working out every day, and using the same running clothes is kind of gross… although I did contemplate it).

Washer and dryer in my room at the White Buffalo Club hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Looks like the extra clothes were for naught, because this room has its own washer and dryer. Ding!

Bathroom at The White Buffalo Club hotel, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Also in the bathroom was this giant soaking bathtub, which will be happening at some point on this busy trip. And check out the cafe window between the tub and the room:

Hot tub, cafe window, The White Buffalo Club Hotel

I brought my nail polish to have a mini spa night in my downtime, which this tub thoroughly enforces.

Downtown Jackson Hole, Wyoming


After unpacking and touring the nicest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in, I met up with my coworker Sarah and visited some local designers in Downtown Jackson Hole whom we’re doing business with this week.

FullSizeRender 23

We also perused some shops and art galleries.

Colorado pillow at the Gray Crane Gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This Colorado pillow and the Jackson Hole one at the top of this post are from the Gray Crane Gallery.

Healthy Being Organic Juicery,


Sarah and I planned to run in the afternoon to work up an appetite for dinner, but we still needed something substantial in our bellies besides the morning’s breakfast burrito. We stumbled upon Healthy Being Juicery and stopped in for a delicious organic treat!

Healthy Being Juicery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The interior of the house-turned-cafe was just as adorable as its log-home exterior (with a picket fence, picnic tables, and bright-green yard full of happy customers and pups). Here, you see a wood-burning stove and wooden table and chairs.

Smoothies menu, Healthy Being Juicery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We decided on a smoothie for our pre-run snack. Sarah ordered the Zenergy (housemade vanilla almond milk, dates, banana, almond butter, spinach, and matcha), and I ordered the Aphrodite (housemade vanilla almond milk, date, banana, almond butter, and maca).

Guest book, Healthy Being Juicery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

While waiting for our snacks, I flipped through Healthy Being’s guest book. That Rumi quote made me smile.

The Aphrodite smoothie from Healthy Being Juicery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The Aphrodite was absolutely delicious! It tasted like a chocolate/banana milkshake, so obviously I was content.

Elk Antler Arches, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We then decided to relax in the beautiful 70-degree sunshine, over in Jackson Hole Town Square. Here, the famous Elk Antler Arches, which have been there since 1960 and are made from the antlers of elk who spend the winter on the National Elk Refuge.

Puppy in the square, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The day got even more perfect when we got to meet and play with a tiny, 8-week black lab/poodle pup named Lily! She was brazen and excited to be alive. Here, Sarah’s narrowly escaping those sharp puppy teeth!

Desk at the White Buffalo Club hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

After our smoothies and sunbathing, we went back to our rooms to get caught up on emails before heading out to a trail run and a delicious dinner. More on that later!


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  1. candies & crunches says:

    I’ve never been there but it looks like a lovely place to be at! Having a washer and dryer is awesome. I know how it is to bring all wardrobe with you haha! I happen to live in Montreal, so I understand how challenging it can be to get dressed when it’s cold in the morning and scorching hot in the afternoon lol. Enjoy! xo

    How Running Makes Us Happy, But Happiness Makes Us Better Runners:


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