Blissful in Crested Butte: Part 1

A Weekend Stay in Crested Butte, Colorado | THE REAL LIFE | travel, foodie, Colorado, Rocky Mountain getaways, vacations, restaurants, shops


The man and I ventured off early Saturday morning for a Memorial Day weekend getaway in Crested Butte, the most quintessential Colorado mountain town.

On the agenda? Running trails, exploring shops, relaxing, and of course, visiting as many restaurants as possible.

Take a look at the first half of Day 1!

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Outfits of the Week

Striped T-shirt from American Eagle, black skinny jeans Gap, Target flats | THE REAL LIFE | Outfits of the Week series, clothing, style, fashion, thrifty, dresses, casual office attire, running


This has been a busy (and warm!) week. It’s starting to feel like the Grease rehearsal schedule is catching up with me… but that just means this long holiday weekend is well-deserved and perfectly timed!

Take a look at the outfits from this past week: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Checking In: The Week After The Big Race

Checking in the Week After the Big Race: Colfax Half Marathon | THE REAL LIFE | running, fitness, nutrition, working out, eating right, intuitive eating, weight maintenance


It’s been a week and a half since my PR at the Colfax Half Marathon, and while other big races were followed by weeks [or months… or in some cases, years] of slacking off, I have no intentions of slowing down.

I took two days off after the half, but then I jumped straight back into running regularly. I am in love with it lately and am running for much better reasons these days.

I’ve also been indulging in delicious foods, doing fun things, apartmenting-hunting, and looking forward to a Memorial Day getaway!

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Date Night at Zengo Denver

Taste-testing Zengo Denver's new menu | THE REAL LIFE food, restaurants, Denver, foodie, Colorado eats


This past Saturday, the man and I visited Zengo Denver in Riverfront Park, to taste-test their new menu—just in time for spring and summer! It was the perfect date night.

I knew we were in for a delicious evening… on top of revisiting my favorite dishes from my first Zengo outing, we tried a handful of new menu items. Almost all of them were dynamite. Here’s a photo recap!

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Theater Resume


Vanessa Richetti


Hello, Dolly!                                        Irene Molloy                         Englewood Summer Drama
I Love You, You’re Perfect…           Woman 2                               Inspire Creative
Grease                                                  Betty Rizzo                           Inspire Creative
Lend Me a Tenor                               Maria Merelli                        Inspire Creative
The Wizard of Oz                              Glinda                                     StageDoor Theater
I Love You, You’re Perfect…           Woman 2                              StageDoor Theater
The Gondoliers                                 Giulia                                      Empire Lyric Players
Quilters                                               1 of 7-women cast             The Curtain Playhouse
Sideshow                                            Ensemble                             The Curtain Playhouse
Le Nozze di Figaro                           Susanna                                Univ. of Florida Opera
The Magic Flute                                Papagena                             Univ. of Florida Opera
Hansel and Gretel                           The Sandman                      Univ. of Florida Opera
Tosca                                                  Ensemble                               Univ. of Florida Opera
Le Nozze di Figaro                          Susanna                                 Salzburg College
The Mikado                                       Ensemble                              Univ. of Florida Opera
La Traviata                                        Ensemble                              Univ. of Florida Opera



VOICE                                            Andrew Adams
.                                                      Sara Bardill, Univ. of Denver
.                                                      Dr. Brenda Smith, Univ. of Florida
.                                                      Dr. Anthony Offerle, Univ. of Denver

DEGREE                                        BFA, Voice, Univ. of Florida

THEATER                                     Tony Mata, Univ. of Florida

IMPROV                                        Monkey Butler Denver

DANCE                                          Modern, Jazz (Int.) Tap (Beg.)



ACCENTS                                     British, Scottish, Italian, Spanish, Southern American

INSTRUMENTS                           Piano, Guitar

LANGUAGES                               Italian


How I’ve Changed Since “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”



In January and February of 2015, I was cast in my first bucket-list role: 1 of the 4-person cast of the musical I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!

A year and a half later, I’m reflecting upon not just how my health has changed (I’m 30 pounds heavier in these photos) but also my overall happiness.

I now can look back with compassion and a heart full of love for the girl I was. It’s been a tough 18 months, but you know what they say: Diamonds are made under pressure.

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Race Face! Official Colfax Half Marathon Photos



[WHAT is the skin on my calf doing in the above picture?!]

If these weren’t photos of me running a PR half marathon—one that was extremely emotionally significant to me—then I’d probably delete them from the Universe.

But they are, and vanity aside, I love seeing on the exterior what I know I was going through inside: pain, struggle, reserve, and inner strength. Check out the photos!

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Thrifty Workout Finds: Good Will and Old Navy



This past Saturday, I left for rehearsal early to stop by Good Will for a super-cheap throwaway top—something I could run in for the first few chilly miles of the Colfax Half Marathon before warming up and tossing it.

I found something great for $3, with tons of time to spare! So I stopped by Old Navy, after hearing they had great sales on workout gear. Here’s what I found!

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Feast Your Eyes! A Tour of Food From the Past Few Weeks

Feast Your Eyes! A Tour of Food From the Past Few Weeks | THE REAL LIFE | food, recipes, meals, vegetarian, whole foods, cooking, healthy eating, fitness, eating


I think it’s safe to say I eat well. But you haven’t seen half of it, because it’s been a busy past few weeks here at The Real Life:

  • working a full-time job, and it’s event season!
  • spending a week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • training for and then running the Colfax Half Marathon
  • going to ~20 hours of Grease rehearsal a week
  • trying to blog regularly
  • …and maintaining a healthy life balance… or something like it.

In all the hustle and bustle, a lot of truly delicious culinary creations have gone unrecognized. Here, we have food-photo overload. Enjoy!

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