A Whirlwind Weekend

My Whirlwind Weekend in Pictures: running, rehearsals, recipes, and the pup! | THE REAL LIFE


G’day, friends! I’ve been a busy bee this weekend. I’m tired and sore this morning, but I feel like my tank is filled to the brim with contentment.

Check out this fun, photo recap of my weekend—which was filled with running, rehearsals, and delicious food—plus some exciting fashion news!

Running my fastest mile ever | THE REAL LIFE running, speed, fitness, workouts, miles, weight maintenance


After work on Friday, I was worn down after my first full week of Grease rehearsals. But I needed to get in a quick “easy” run—something that wouldn’t fatigue me too much before Sunday’s scheduled 11-mile long run. So we took the pup to City Park for a quick lap around the grass—3.4 miles. Somehow, I pushed the 2nd mile and ran A PR: 8:36 PACE!

Two different homemade pizza recipes post-run


After the successful 3-miler, the man and I created not one but two from-scratch pizzas! I’ll be writing about those recipes tomorrow, but let me just say this: Pizza is the #1 best way to celebrate a PR. [UPDATE! You can see the divine pizza recipes here.)

Saturday dance rehearsal for Grease


From 1-6 pm on Saturday, I had a choreography rehearsal for Grease. What does a non-dancer (yet!) wear? Running gear, what else? It was comfy and I don’t have the money to invest in cool dance-wear right now, unfortunately.

Saturday night pre-run feast


On Saturday night, the man and I decided to just use leftover ingredients and not do a grocery run. Here’s the outcome: spinach/mushroom/asparagus coconut-milk risotto; arugula/red leaf lettuce/radish salad; and a roasted artichoke dipped in homemade aioli. Who are we? I felt well-fueled for the long day ahead.

A Sunday long run in my weekend photo recap | THE REAL LIFE running, training, half marathon, speed, intervals


Bright and early Sunday morning, we went for an 11-mile run, the longest training trek I’ve done, to date! I ran a consistent pace and felt relatively fine throughout, which I consider a new kind of success—it’s usually been either a “super-amazing” run or a “terrible-horrible” one. This was just an average, rote run. And I felt fine to continue my long day, which included another 3 hours of dance rehearsal!

Sunday night pizza salad and wine post-run feast


After the long run and rehearsal, I was spent. We feasted once again on leftovers, this time our delicious pizza creations! We added some arugula/red leaf lettuce salads and wine, for good measure. (That Vetiver & Cardamom Apothecary Glass Jar candle from Whole Foods is my favorite ever.)

Whole Foods Cake in a Cup


I’ve been talking about “Cake in a Cup” for months now. Every time I peruse the “on the go” meals at Whole Foods, I see some type of cake/mousse/whipped cream creation, usually in a parfait cup, and I want to eat it all right there in the aisle. The man was sweet enough to get me one as a surprise treat after such a physically taxing weekend! They didn’t have the parfait cup, but this Triple Chocolate Mousse was a close second:

Triple chocolate mousse from Whole Foods

We were stuffed and ready to relax on the couch and watch a few episodes of Cooked on Netflix. It’s incredibly interesting!

Monday morning cuddles in my weekend photo recap | THE REAL LIFE


And because I wasn’t quite ready for the weekend to be over, here are a couple photos of my extra-snuggly pets this morning. The pup was still feeling lazy after our long run, and the cat was taking advantage of the dog pile. Leave me some room, guys!

Puppy cuddles on the couch | THE REAL LIFE


If you were curious about the striped-dress photo at the top of this article:

I’ve decided to start a weekly series of Outfits of the Week: Fancy and Frumpy! Every Friday, I’ll publish one post that includes snapshots of 7 days’ outfits, whether I’m primped up for work or grunged down for rehearsal (showing you the not-so-perfect side of things). The first installment is scheduled for this Friday, April 29th. Stay tuned!


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