Starbucks Caramel Frappucino is my guilty pleasure on off days

The Out-of-Nowhere Blues

Getting Real: Despite feeling well-fueled and organized for my long, tiring day yesterday, it was one of those off days where nothing feels easy or good. I was just grumpy.

I’ve come to accept (more often) that negative emotions come in cycles and need to work their way through your body… and that resisting feeling “off” causes even more offness.

So I leaned into it, with a tasty treat and a few mood-boosting techniques.



Free undies & coffee: What could be better?

I stepped away from the office during lunch (because I was going to go bonkers) to run to the Cherry Creek Mall and cash in my Victoria’s Secret Rewards (I got some super-cute undies and PJs!). That made me feel better, for sure. I also cashed in a $5 Starbucks Gift Card I earned for doing a survey on my way into Sweeney Todd. Instead of a black coffee, I opted for a giant Caramel Frappucino, a favorite treat of mine that I haven’t had for a while!


I learned that rehearsal for tonight is canceled, which meant I’d be able to attend a dinner with the editors, at Hop Alley! I was thrilled to learn I could go, which put a little more pep in my step. (I’m leaving work a tad early this afternoon to run before the outing, and then I’ll be writing about the China-inspired eatery tomorrow. Stay tuned!)



It usually backfires when I try to pretend I’m fine when I’m not, or if I hold in thoughts and emotions that shouldn’t go unexpressed. So I just gave myself permission to not have to be uppity, whether that meant avoiding extra conversation at rehearsal or listening to an extra-sad song while driving home.

Doing this usually helps me feel more attuned to the core issue insidiously lurking behind such an “off” day. And mine was that I was feeling stretched too thin. As I lay my head on my pillow that night, I decided on some adjustments I could make, and that I’d re-evaluate how I was feeling in a few weeks.

That was last night, and today I feel much more optimistic, hopeful, and content overall. I’m excited for a quick workout and then dinner at Hop Alley. Not a bad end to humpday.



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