A New Series! Outfits of the Week

OUTFITS OF THE WEEK | THE REAL LIFE BLOG fashion, style, clothing, shopping, outfits


I’ve decided to post each week’s outfits in one “OOTW” (Outfits of the Week) post every Friday. The catch is that not all outfits are created equal.

I’ll include fitness outfits from my long-run weekends, as well as schleppy long-night-of-rehearsal outfits. This fits right in with The Real Life philosophy of not trying to appear perfect all the time. Enjoy round 1, and tell me what you think!

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12 Things to Look Forward to This Summer



(Sorry! It’s been stuck in my head on repeat, so I’m taking you down with me.)

It’s “spring” in Colorado, which means it’s either snowing or 70 degrees. With the overcast, 40-degree dreariness yesterday, I seem to have made up my mind (while the weather has not):

I’m ready for summer! Perhaps not for the sunburn, but I’m amped for these 12 warmer-month finds just around the corner… something many of us can look forward to!

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The Toppings Make All the Difference

PIZZA, PIZZA! Divinely different pizza recipes with various toppings so it doesn't taste like the same meal! | THE REAL LIFE


After a tiring week and a 3.4-mile run on Friday that included my fastest mile ever, I was ready to take a bath, relax, and eat some delicious homemade pizza. (Yes, again.)

We made not one but two divinely delicious (and competitive) pizzas, each improvised with various toppings found in the fridge. Each pie was distinctly different from the other, but both were insanely scrumptious. See which won!

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A Whirlwind Weekend

My Whirlwind Weekend in Pictures: running, rehearsals, recipes, and the pup! | THE REAL LIFE


G’day, friends! I’ve been a busy bee this weekend. I’m tired and sore this morning, but I feel like my tank is filled to the brim with contentment.

Check out this fun, photo recap of my weekend—which was filled with running, rehearsals, and delicious food—plus some exciting fashion news!

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Look at Me! I’m Out of My Comfort Zone

Learning how to belt the right way; taking on the role of Rizzo in Grease


This is going to be such an opportunity for growth in my musical theater career for multiple reasons. Rizzo has to:

  • be a memorable, hardass-turned-vulnerable character
  • belt the brazen “Sandra Dee,” and croon the sultry “Worse Things I Could Do”
  • hold herself like she knows she’s sexy
  • get in physical altercations with Sandy and Kenickie
  • be the polar opposite of Sandy
  • dance like she knows how

I’m still stuck in ingenue mode—and classically trained opera-singing mode—so this ballsy, belty high-school-smoker thing is completely out of my comfort zone.

But that’s where all the FUN is!

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Cheers to the New Chinatown: Hop Alley

Cheers to the New Chinatown: Hop Alley Denver cocktails, named after the Chinese zodiac.


Every day in Denver, a new restaurant opens and an old restaurant closes. If you quit your day job and dedicated all your waking hours to visiting every restaurant in this city, you’d never finish your list before a quarter of them had been replaced.

Last night, a handful of work colleagues went to try the new Hop Alley, whose concept is traditional, regional Chinese food served family style.

The most well-versed foodie at the table was heard saying, “I might be partial because I love Asian food, but this might be the best food in Denver.”

Brace yourself for all the food & drink photos.

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What I’m Dreaming About For My Closet

WHAT I'M PLANNING FOR MY NEXT STITCH FIX: work attire, cocktail dresses, and dressy fashion clothes


I’ve overhauled my Stitch Fix style profile and overall approach to the styling service… which means hunting for ideas on Pinterest for my stylist, Leah.

This time around, I am looking for dressier pieces for work events, performing, and just being a polished lady (when I’m not in sweats).

Here are my current favorite pieces of inspiration!

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Starbucks Caramel Frappucino is my guilty pleasure on off days

The Out-of-Nowhere Blues

Getting Real: Despite feeling well-fueled and organized for my long, tiring day yesterday, it was one of those off days where nothing feels easy or good. I was just grumpy.

I’ve come to accept (more often) that negative emotions come in cycles and need to work their way through your body… and that resisting feeling “off” causes even more offness.

So I leaned into it, with a tasty treat and a few mood-boosting techniques.

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Eggplant With Buttermilk Pomegranate Sauce

Eggplant with Buttermilk Pomegranate Sauce from Yotam Ottolenghi's Plenty cookbook of vegetarian meals

I recently tried this recipe from Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty cookbook, and it felt like a blind taste test. I had no idea what to expect, but it’s the book’s cover photo, which has been captivating me for months.

You know what it tasted like, though? A healthier, Italian, even-more-savory-and-rich version of a baked potato covered in sour cream.

Yeah, so you’re going to want this recipe.

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OOTD: Ready for Rehearsal


When you’ve got a full day of work followed by 4 hours of music rehearsal for a musical theater production (on the other side of town, mind you), you decide to keep things casual.

Today is my first day into the workweek/rehearsal scheduling combo, and I’ve been determined to set myself up for success, in clothing and with my pre-packed snacks.

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