My 2nd Stitch Fix Experience

My 2nd Stitch Fix box was a complete success! I kept all five items.


I still haven’t made up my mind about you. Are you really worth it or not? Like I’ve said before: It depends. 

After sharing the photos from my first Stitch Fix experience, I had enough referral credit to try a second box. Long story short: I kept all 5 items! Take a look at the goods.

My 2nd Stich Fix box with all 5 hand-picked items

When I unwrapped the package, I could instantly tell this was a great Fix.

My stylist Leah is quite skilled at what she does. It’s obvious she studied my Pinterest style board, which has over 500 pins! Here’s the note she sent me the second time around:

2nd Note from Stitch Fix stylist

I made a request for a black and white buffalo plaid shirt in my Pinterest board, something I definitely recommend doing if you want to get the most out of your Stitch Fix experience.

The buffalo plaid shirt I requested from my Stitch Fix stylist

The buffalo plaid Pinspiration

Maybe I’ll find the perfect plaid shirt soon , but in the meantime, here are the 5 pieces Leah chose for me. I kept all 5 and have been loving mixing them up in my revamped (and still burgeoning) wardrobe.



My 2nd Stitch Fix box was a complete success! I kept all five items.

I love the simplicity and versatility of this top, but it is about the same quality of a Forever 21 blouse—at about double the price. Like I’ve said before: It’s the referral credit that makes all the difference. I didn’t have to spend anything on this top! If I did, I would’ve returned it and gone to Forever 21 or H&M for something similar.

My 2nd Stitch Fix box was a complete success! I kept all five items.

The back of the blouse has some gorgeous detailing



My 2nd Stitch Fix box was a complete success! I kept all five items.

Corduroy is back in? Say what? You won’t catch me complaining. These babies are so soft and comfortable—perfect for dressing up what would be a yoga-pants or sweats kind of day. Also perfect for Thanksgiving-esque meals, if you know what I mean.

I originally felt that I could’ve gone down a size, and I definitely could have. Sometimes Stitch Fix will have alternate sizes; you just need to ask. In this case, though, they did not have the next size down. They only keep on hand a few versions of each item to make sure each Fix feels special and unique. This is part of what makes them different from just ordering any ol’ clothing online.



Is the Stitch Fix personal-styling service really worth it? Let me lay it out there in terms of how it works, the pros and cons, and the best way to get the most bang for your buck.

Items 1-3 make a pretty cute outfit!

I pinned a lot of vests to my Pinterest board, but I’ve never actually worn one! My stylist picked up on that and sent me this gorgeous, silky, emerald-green puffy vest with a gold zipper. The only thing I didn’t like about it? The boxy pockets. I still kept it, though, and am happy I did.



My 2nd Stitch Fix box was a complete success! I kept all five items.

I look cross-eyed in this picture. You’re welcome.

Here we have a blouse in similar quality to the cream top. In fact, I have a few like this one already. But it’s pretty (but with a cami underneath!), and it paired well with some of my favorite ripped jeans (from Gap on sale, thank you very much).



Black and cream polka dot sweater from Stitch Fix

This sweater is legit. It feels very well-made and fits perfectly! I have a friend who also received this item in one of her Stitch Fix boxes and wears it all the time.


How to maximize your Stitch Fix savings!


[That sub-head is rhetorical, since the aim of this whole blog is to be up-front and not act all cookie-cutter…]

I don’t think I would ever be caught dead paying these prices ($58-$78 per item) for clothing of this quality. I ordered this 2nd Stitch Fix box because I had a ton of referral credit, which means these were almost-free clothes!

I also kept all five items (instead of returning the lower-quality blouses and the only-slightly-too-big corduroys) because of the 5-Item discount (25% off the total dollar amount). I feel this needs to be said because without the excitement of referral credit, the process would be much less fun and a bit more stressful. So be warned!

Shameless, selfish clothes-addictedness: If you are going to try Stitch Fix, why not use my referral code, eh? 😉


NEW POST: How I Get Stitch Fix Items for FREE!

6 thoughts on “My 2nd Stitch Fix Experience

  1. Pat Kennedy says:

    Just received my first box for a total of $258.00, I LOVE the idea of getting a box full of surprises picked just for me based on my overall style and individual clothing category choices but I was very disappointed. The quality of several items was pretty poor. I received a huge “vegan leather” (READ: pleather) tote that felt really rubbery and a fuzzy horizontal striped dolman sleeved top that felt like something I could have purchased from FOREVER 21 (PRICE TAG: $54.) A blouse and sweater were just “mehh” and while I loved the skinny jeans they sent, they were 4 inches too long and with an $88. tag, once I add hemming in, they’re over $100. I can get a rockin’ pair of skinny jeans at Old Navy so no go on these either. I’d specified that I am short and petite but perhaps made a mistake saying I didn’t want to emphasize my middle. I’m not fat but didn’t want anything skin tight. However, I think that resulted in my being sent a selection of oversized tops and sweaters that look like I’m wearing something several sizes too bag — and make me look shorter and wider. I AM going to give it one more try by using Pinterest and making some specific requests. Your stuff looked really cute and I appreciated reading about your experience!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Real Life says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Pat! Yeah, it’s always a mixed bag for me, too. I average about 1 keep-worthy item per Fix. But the more I try and the better I get in communicating what works and what doesn’t, the better experiences I have. Best of luck with your next one!


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