Getting Real: An Introduction

Basic Bitch feet in grass photo. :) Springy/strappy sandals!

Those are my feet in the grass! What a Basic.

Welcome to The Real Life!

This blog project has been brewing for some time. I have dabbled in blogs before, but they never stuck. Why? Because I wasn’t being my authentic self. I was subscribing to the blog-o-sphere’s obsession with apparent perfectionism (emphasis on apparent). I was trying to do all, be all, conquer all—essentially be something that I was not. And in the end, I was benefitting no one, least of all myself.

Fake tulips and white milk pitcher from IKEA

Getting real means… admitting these are fake tulips from IKEA. 🙂

Writing is my natural state, and it cannot be of benefit to me or potential readers unless it is genuine and comes from a true place of personal integrity. Since I’m on a journey of further self-discovery and retaining my vulnerability, I have a newfound (and steadfast) commitment to blogging about:

1.) life, yes, as so many lifestyle bloggers do, but also about

2.) real-life issues, showing the not-quite-perfect side of things and taking a holistic approach to sharing my life with you.


Amy Poehler quotes: There's power in looking silly and not caring that you do.

Let’s not take ourselves too seriously!

Here you’ll follow my adventures in:

  • cooking real food
  • exploring new places
  • incorporating more inspiring style into my surroundings
  • expanding my health and fitness journey (mental, physical, spiritual, financial)
  • reflecting upon growth in relationships, both with others and self
  • enjoying the beauty of the small (and big!) things all around us
  • contemplating the beauty of imperfection
  • encountering all the real-life fun in between!

I hope you stay a while!

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